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Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free - Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free
Arts and Crafts - 2014

Michael Panontin
Fans of Absolutely Free's post-millennial krautrock grooves have had to wait quite a while for the band's full-length version of events. It has now been upwards of three years since the Toronto-based group formed out of the ashes of the noisier DD/MM/YYYY, and all we have in our hands are two 12-inch singles, 2012's meandering 'UFO', and the more fleshed-out 'On the Beach', with the glistening 'Clothed Woman, Sitting' on the flipside, the following year.

The self-titled Absolutely Free gets to the point almost from the get-go. A brief salvo of psychedelia - in this case the moody 'Window of Time' - primes the pump so to speak before the guys launch into those signature motorik beats. 'Beneath the Air' trods familiar territory, its pulsating rhythm almost a reworking of the excellent 'On the Beach', while dreamier tracks like 'Striped Light' and the fetching 'Earth II' take a turn down lush, poppier avenues. While not quite the fully realized, classic long-player the group may have been hoping for, Absolutely Free - with the added heft of a label like Arts and Crafts behind it - should at least get them some well-deserved attention outside their home turf.


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