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Coyote - Proof of Life EP

Proof of Life EP
Fountain Pop - 2014

Michael Panontin
Coyote have been kicking around Prince Edward Island for several years now and Proof of Life is their second EP. The Charlottetown five-piece formed around guitarist and singer Josh Carter, bassist Evan McCosham, and brothers Bruce and Bradford Rooney on lead guitar and keys, with Nova Scotian Mike King rounding things out on the skins. Together, they peddle a sort of bubbly, guitar-driven pop sound that has one foot in the now and the other in the eighties, most notably those anthemic sing-alongs that Echo and the Bunnymen or U2 did so well. The band appear to have tightened things up a bit since their first record, 2012's Tracks, which seemed to offer up equal parts promise and premise. Here, though, Carter's songs are more robust, with Bradford Rooney's keys featured front and centre in the mix, especially on the catchy opener 'Your House' and the revved-up title track. Those ought to keep the kids dancing, but for my money the cutesy 'Old News' is exactly that, a bouncy throwback to the best of the MTV years, a guilty pleasure that, windows closed and curtains drawn, we can all have some fun with.



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