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Listen to Me (Bring It on Home) / Tears - 7
The One Way Street
Listen to Me (Bring It on Home) / Tears - 7"

The One Way Street got started in 1966, which for those few keeping track was the year Vancouver lost its innocence. The once-sleepy burg got its first whiff of the Haight-Ashbury freakfest in January of that year when the Jefferson Airplane played the Kitsilano Theatre and by the end of the summer it had played host to Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service and of course the Grateful Dead. It wasn't long before the lower mainland began nurturing a psych scene of...more

Night Winds / Valley of Three Tears - 7
The Berries
Night Winds / Valley of Three Tears - 7"

This Toronto band may not have exactly been 'the berries', but they did manage to bequeath one curious garage seven-inch. The quirky, flute-flecked 'Night Winds' seems to have died without a trace upon release. But not for lack of trying. For one, the Berries had behind them the relative heft of the Bigland Agency, which counted among its clients acts like the Esquires, the Staccatos and the Big Town Boys. What's more, the November 8th, 1965 issue of RPM - definitely the closest thin...more

Just As Bad As You / He May Be Your Man - 7
Shawne Jackson
Just As Bad As You / He May Be Your Man - 7"

Shawne Jackson's 'Just As Bad As You' is a reminder of just how much fun it was to listen to AM radio back in the early seventies. The effervescent pop/r'n'b crossover smash boogied its way up the charts to a healthy number 10 slot for the week of June 1, 1974 and by rights should have made a household name out of the talented Toronto singer.

Jackson's star unfortunately never really caught fire even though she was already in the limelight at the age of 15. The Octo...more

Have You Heard the News / Sick and Tired - 7
Garry Garnette
Have You Heard the News / Sick and Tired - 7"

Gary Garnette's 'Have You Heard the News' is about as tough-to-find as a record can get these days. Its silky supper club soul has found its way onto the UK dance floors and that of course has punters scrambling for a copy...so much so in fact that even the crown prince of northern soul, Ian Levine, actually posted a message on one of Garnette's YouTube posts offering to buy a copy from him.

Equally frustrating is piecing together a bio of the elusive crooner. What w...more

Foolish Girl / Surprise - 7
The Tiaras
Foolish Girl / Surprise - 7"

Brenda Russell was just 12 years old when her musical parents (her father Gus Gordon was once a member of the Ink Spots) left Brooklyn for the relatively colour-blind city of Hamilton, Ontario. And while the idea that Canada in the 1960s was a storybook world of peace and love to all would be laughable to any visible minority, it did have a weirdly encouraging effect on the young newcomer.

"I was the only black kid in the entire school, the only black kid anyone had ever met,...more

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