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Piano - Henri-Pierre Noel
Henri-Pierre Noel

By rights you shouldn't be reading this review. And the few remaining copies of Henri-Pierre Noel's Piano should be in their rightful place, languishing as it were in the dusty corners of some Montreal thrift shops.

But as Alexis Charpentier explained in a recent TED talk, it was thanks to the diligent cratedigging of a local obsessive named DJ Kobal that the charms of Piano were made available to the world at large. "Kobal was doing his weekly rounds of just...more

Mets chinois / Le seuil du soleil -  7
Les Intrigantes
Mets chinois / Le seuil du soleil - 7"

Les Intrigantes got their start in Quebec City in 1964. It was in that year that the four - guitarists Diane Gallichand and Carole Boutin along with bassist Claire Gallichand and drummer Ginette Douville - came under the tutelage of Roger Beaudet, a member of those cool instrumentalists Les Versatiles who had decided to sort of guide the young ladies on their new career path.

And it didn't take long for the partnership to take effect. By the end of the year, the gals were pe...more

Deux miroirs / Les montagnes russes - 7
Le Triangle
Deux miroirs / Les montagnes russes - 7"

Pierre Senecal, Rayburn Blake and Jerry Mercer had been kicking around the Montreal music scene since 1960, playing under various names like the Phantoms, Ray Blake's Combo and the Dominoes. By 1965, they had hooked up with singer (and future gospel bandleader) Trevor Payne, and as Trevor Payne and His Soul Brothers plied their brand of soul/r'n'b at places like Snoopy's on rue Dorchester, where they performed a number of times.

On record, though, it was clear that Payne was...more

You're Gonna Miss Me / Riverboat - 7
You're Gonna Miss Me / Riverboat - 7"

YouTube must be getting slack these days. When I clicked on Wishbone's 1971 hit 'You're Gonna Miss Me', there was not a single reference to the Grass Roots in the Suggestions sidebar. That song, the first of two singles the group released that year, is a pretty shameless rip-off of the Roots' 'Midnight Confessions', from those opening brass horn riffs right through to the catchy chorus.

The Toronto-based band was produced by Barry Keane, a drummer who would later go...more

People of Time / Anyhow - 7
Simple Simon and the Piemen
People of Time / Anyhow - 7"

Simple Simon and the Piemen issued their only record at the tail end of 1967, a time when bands like the Haunted, the Rabble and the Sound Box were filling high school gymnasiums and curling rinks all over Montreal's west island. The five-piece from the Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood are probably best remembered today - if at all, truthfully - for having been the launching pad for guitarist Robert Stanley, whose talents have graced the likes of the Ville Emard Blues Band, Contraction and ...more

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