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Theme from A Summer Place / Go-Go-Po-Go - 7
Percy Faith and His Orchestra
Theme from A Summer Place / Go-Go-Po-Go - 7"

As a bandleader, Percy Faith managed to chart records for over a quarter of a century, from 1950 to 1976, long after the big band era had succumbed to the likes of rock and roll, pop and even disco. In all, he enjoyed twenty-four top-40 hits, including three number ones ('Delicado' in 1952, 'Moulin Rouge Theme' the following year and 'Theme from A Summer Place' in 1960). But his career might not have happened at all were it not for a fateful - and as it turned out, for...more

Suzanne - Suzanne

Like many a teenaged Toronto musician in the mid-sixties, Greg Hambleton could be found in Yorkville making the scene in the clubs and cafes of that city's buzzing enclave. The would-be singer-songwriter even managed to record a couple of singles before deciding to pack up his guitar in favour of a mixing board. Hambleton would spend some time apprenticing as an independent recording engineer at Art Snider's venerable old Sound Canada studio before choosing to venture out on his own. One of...more

Morning Town / Highest Degree- 7
For Keeps
Morning Town / Highest Degree- 7"

Doug Hutton may be a forgotten man these days, but at one point in the 1960s, he had his fingers in a number of pies. The northern Saskatchewan native ran successful Calgary nightspots The Haunted House and Picadilly Square, promoted major concert tours across western Canada and even tried his hands at producing records.

One of his first endeavours in the latter field was a disc for the Saskatchewan band For Keeps, whose hopelessly obscure 'Morning Town' actually saw...more

Waves / Wash EP - Beauts
Waves / Wash EP

First off, let's give some credit to Beauts for releasing their music on EP, a format that is nearest and dearest to the hearts up here at CM. The four-song Waves / Wash is their second one in as many years, following as it does on the heels of their self-titled debut in 2015.

The Halifax-based quintet got their start a few years back while three of its members - guitarist Darryl Smith, bassist Erik Van Lunen and drummer Joel Waddell - were playing in Rich Aucoin's ba...more

Life Is a Carnival / The Moon Struck One - 7
The Band
Life Is a Carnival / The Moon Struck One - 7"

By the tail end of 1970, the Band were pretty well sitting on top of the world. In just a few short years, they had managed to place three albums (Music from Big Pink, The Band and Stage Fright) firmly in the rock and roll canon. Their three-month tour of the U.S. in the fall of that year had gone almost swimmingly well. And the group's new digs in their adopted home of upstate New York gave them easy access to state-of-the-art recording facilities that were just aroun...more

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