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I Don't Believe / Coochy Coo - 7
I Don't Believe / Coochy Coo - 7"

Clyde Harvey spent the bulk of his childhood in Tacoma, Washington, but after finishing high school the classically trained pianist made his way up the Cascadia coast to the equally cloudy skies of Vancouver. It wasn't long before he had hooked up with some musicians and formed a band. After several years of gigging - first in Vancouver and then later down in Hawaii and L.A. - Harvey returned to the lower mainland and joined a new group, which after first calling themselves Fox settled on th...more

Which Witch EP - 7
Peach Kelli Pop
Which Witch EP - 7"

Allie Handon makes her home in Los Angeles these days. But what better place to make a bedroom recording than in your old bedroom at your parents' house. This swell EP - specially released for Record Store Day 2018 - was recorded in just four days on the very same dust-covered equipment that she left in Ottawa before emigrating to the US back in 2013. "I really benefited from being in the specific home, and even room, where I learned to play music when I was growing up," she writes.

Something to Do with the Weather / The Cherry Tree - 7
The Wee Beasties
Something to Do with the Weather / The Cherry Tree - 7"

The Wee Beasties may be about as close to the bottom of that proverbial dustbin as a band can get these days, but that is certainly no reason to ignore this swell popsike seven-inch.

The Toronto-based four-piece were one of the many bands jostling for position on the crowded local scene. "We were a Yorkville band," bassist Alan Higgs recalled on a YouTube post. "We played Charlie Browns [on Cumberland] and the Ugly Ducklings played the Mynah Bird on the next street up." Lik...more

Stand Above the Streams - Jason Sharp
Jason Sharp
Stand Above the Streams

"A sensory experience that extends beyond hearing alone."

That is how Jason Sharp describes his music. And those who listen to either of his (thus far) two Constellation releases will quickly learn that there is nothing pretentious about that statement. The Montreal-based Sharp, who comes to that city's thriving experimental scene from a more classical upbringing, actually hooks himself up to a heart monitor to generate various rhythms and textures in his music.


To Me: To Me: To Me / Strange Things Are Happening - 7
Rings and Things
To Me: To Me: To Me / Strange Things Are Happening - 7"

Martin Hillman had his fingers in a number of pies back in the day. He left his native Montreal in the late 1950s to pursue his singing dreams down in the U.S. There, as Marty Hill, he recorded a half-dozen singles for Columbia, ranging from the flaming rock and roll of 'Red Lips' (1961) to the deliriously downtrodden 'The Lonely Man (That's Me)', a 1963 country record that was also issued in Canada and Australia.

By 1966, Hillman had made his way back up nort...more

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