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Heavy Metalloid Music - Jesse Locke
Jesse Locke
Heavy Metalloid Music

One of the more enduring - and it must be said, endearing - remnants of the punk era is the quest for that great lost proto-punk band, a sort of archeological missing link that somehow managed to keep the flame of garage punk lit during the dark ages of the seventies. To those that were known at the time, like the New York Dolls, the Flamin' Groovies or the Stooges, pop obsessives have since added 'lost' groups like Detroit's Death, who left us one measly impossible-to-find seven-inch, and C...more

Crazy Things / Mersey Side - 7
The Quid
Crazy Things / Mersey Side - 7"

The Quid's lead singer Ron Rene was allegedly such a stage dynamo that the Guess Who name-checked him in their acid stormer 'Friends of Mine' (with Burton Cummings belting out "...and fade away / like Ron Rene"). The Winnipeg band he fronted managed to make a couple of records in their heyday, 1966's Brit-infused 'Crazy Things' and its jangly follow-up 'Lover Lover' that same year, before imploding when Rene ditched them for the newly formed group the Fifth.


Cruel War / Not to Return - 7
Sugar and Spice
Cruel War / Not to Return - 7"

Sugar and Spice's 'Cruel War' was a cash cow of sorts for Frank Weiner and his tiny Franklin label. The Winnipeg band's hokey version of Peter Yarrow and Neil Stookey's love-in-a-time-of-war ballad allegedly shifted some 8,000 copies across Canada, reaching the top spot locally and climbing to an impressive #31 nationally by January 1969.

Of course, for their manager, Michael Gillespie, this was all part of the plan. It was Gillespie who had engineered the break-up o...more

Happy Pop Family - Monomyth
Happy Pop Family

Monomyth's one-sheet cheekily touts the band as "Canada's leading purveyors of mid-fi anthemic bedroom pop". No surprise then that the Halifax quartet seems to have found a permanent home at Vancouver's venerable Mint Records, now celebrating its twenty-fifth year out there in indieland. Happy Pop Family, Monomyth's second full-length for the label after 2014's Saturnalia Regalia!, was recorded in the early days of 2015 at Montreal's infamous Drones Club and for the most part v...more

Comin' at You Boy / Comin' at You Boy (instrumental) - 12
Odette Doiley
Comin' at You Boy / Comin' at You Boy (instrumental) - 12"

The back cover describes Odette Doiley as "sixteen years old, a native of Toronto of West Indian parents", which is about as much as the internet gives up on the young lady. It appears she was active in the latter part of the eighties, issuing another single as just Odette, one as Midnight Groove featuring Odette and, if it is indeed the same person, a few reggae-tinged discs as Oddett. The bouncy 'Comin' at You Boy' was her first release and finds her working a cool new jack swing/electro ...more

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