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Shallow - Sea Oleena
Sea Oleena

Charlotte Loseth is something of a prodigy in the music world. Recording under the name Sea Oleena, the Saskatchewan-bred, Montreal-based singer-composer dropped her first recordings while she was still in her teens. Those records, 2010's self-titled disc and the following year's excellent Sleeplessness, were minimalist pleasures, coaxing dreamy soundscapes out of Loseth's wistful guitar work and her hushed whisper of a voice. But for all those obvious talents, she recently confided...more

Busy People / Maybe Tomorrow - 7
Jack Hennig and the Breaking Point Group
Busy People / Maybe Tomorrow - 7"

Edmontonian Jack Hennig, a blond hunk of a singer who kept good ol' Albertans hopping throughout the seventies with his country and western sounds, actually had a secret psychedelic past that few knew about. Stories abound on the 'net about diligent cratediggers who have managed to unearth copies of his little known Cupid sides as Jack Hennig and the Breaking Point Group. The second of those records, the tantalizingly obscure 'Busy People', is a tasty sitar-tinged slab of popsike with...more

Sea Legs EP - The Taste
The Taste
Sea Legs EP

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like today if punk had not happened? I mean if the anger of 1977 had been replaced with romanticism and we had obsessed over bands like the Beatles and the Raspberries rather than the Velvet Underground and the Stooges? What if that year were actually known today as the flowering of power pop and bands like the Shoes, the Rich Kids or the Beckies (google them!) were getting deluxe 35th anniversary reissues of their records these days? I am will...more

Last Ex - Last Ex
Last Ex
Last Ex

Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield, the talented multi-instrumentalists responsible for much of the eerie imagery on Timber Timbre's recent Hot Dreams set, formed the more experimental Last Ex a couple of years back. The Quebec-based pair dusted off some unused ambient tracks, originally part of a Timber Timbre horror soundtrack that never quite saw the light of day, and entered Fairfield's own studio in Hull to flesh out music for this record.

The eleven tracks on...more

Absolutely Free - Absolutely Free
Absolutely Free
Absolutely Free

Fans of Absolutely Free's post-millennial krautrock grooves have had to wait quite a while for the band's full-length version of events. It has now been upwards of three years since the Toronto-based group formed out of the ashes of the noisier DD/MM/YYYY, and all we have in our hands are two 12-inch singles, 2012's meandering 'UFO', and the more fleshed-out 'On the Beach', with the glistening 'Clothed Woman, Sitting' on the flipside, the foll...more

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