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Right from Real - Part I EP - Lydia Ainsworth
Lydia Ainsworth
Right from Real - Part I EP

Lydia Ainsworth may be the latest signee to Montreal's uber-hip Arbutus label, but the Toronto-based electronic composer sure took a roundabout way of getting there. As a precocious child, Ainsworth got her start in the classical world at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. "They sent me home with a cello when I was ten," she told Noisey, "(but) I learned how to play myself, so my technique is all wrong." She would spend four years in New York, and it was there that her music career really s...more

Tender Opposites - TOPS
Tender Opposites

TOPS released their first full-length record in February 2012 to kudos on both sides of the Atlantic. The Montreal foursome of singer/keyboardist Jane Penny, guitarist David Carriere, bassist Thomas Gillies and drummer Riley Fleck trade in a nifty blend of indie pop that channels silky seventies soft rock, eighties MTV fluff and nineties twee pop a la Saint Etienne. But, like Ariel Pink, to whom the band are sometimes compared, they take those references and warp them into an oddly beguil...more

Baby Send for Me / Shake Yourself Down - 7
The Checkerlads
Baby Send for Me / Shake Yourself Down - 7"

In their brief existence, the Checkerlads released just three singles, the best of which has got to be this scorching piece of garage punk. The Regina quintet of Arnold Rippliner, Robert Frei, Robert Bucholtz, Harvey Frasz and Larry Reich issued the first of those records on the Thunder Bay-based Gaiety imprint in 1966. And though the band's self-penned Rolling Stones clone on the a-side seemed the better of the two tunes, it was the frantic flipside that managed to tweak the charts...more

Time - Abraham's Children
Abraham's Children

Jimi Bertucci was just one of the many Canadian musicians who trace their roots back across the pond to Italy. Like fellow Torontonian and Mandala guitar wizard Domenic Troiano, along with Montreal producer Pat Deserio and the bulk of that fecund disco scene, Bertucci came to this country when he was just a child. His would have been a fairly typical Italian immigrant experience at the time. Born one Vincenzo Donato Bertucci in the Calabrian village of Serra San Bruno, the impressionable s...more

You Make Me High / Not Far Off - 7
Luke and the Apostles
You Make Me High / Not Far Off - 7"

As the story goes, Luke and the Apostles had been kicking around Yorkville for several years with limited success outside their home base in Toronto. Some excellent garage rock (the acerbic single 'Been Burnt' ) was recorded back in 1965 under the tutelage of Elektra honcho Paul Rothchild, but was unfortunately not issued on vinyl until 1967, by which time acid, Sgt. Pepper's and flower power had rendered it all but obsolete. And so after w...more

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