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She's A Dog / I Can Change My Mind - 7
Simply Saucer
She's A Dog / I Can Change My Mind - 7"

Punk rock turned out to be a saviour of sorts for Simply Saucer.

After three-odd years of equal parts practising and partying with the occasional gig thrown in for good measure, the Hamilton proto-punks still had no vinyl to their credit. Of course, Edgar Breau and Kevin Christoff (the group's guitarist and bassist, respectively) were record nerds of the highest degree. And so it should come as no surprise that Breau could be found in the front row of the February 18th, 19...more

Like A Madness / Until You're Home Again - 7
Sandi Shore
Like A Madness / Until You're Home Again - 7"

If not for a brief obituary in the weekly Vancouver Courier, Sandi Shore might have died a completely forgotten woman.

The Vancouver singer (who was actually born as Sandra Loranger and died as Sandra Wilson) was a familiar figure on the stages of the lower mainland clubs throughout the 1950s and 1960s. After winning a talent contest for local radio station CKNW when she was just thirteen years old, Shore found herself booked - chaperoned by her mother, naturally - at place...more

Standing in Your Shadow / No Stranger to Danger - 7
Easy Money
Standing in Your Shadow / No Stranger to Danger - 7"

Linda McRae is probably best known for her stint with Canadian folk-rockers Spirit of the West, but in a much earlier incarnation as Linda Humphries, she once plucked bass strings for B.C. power poppers Easy Money. By now long forgotten, that Victoria-based outfit - Humphries, along with singer/guitarist Karl Hourigan, guitarist Rob Lifton and drummer Dave Hill - did manage a couple of nifty singles for the tiny Richard's Records (who for what it's worth definitely lived up to their cheeky b...more

The Infected Mass - Those Who Walk Away
Those Who Walk Away
The Infected Mass

Matthew Patton describes The Infected Mass as "something very genuine and at the same time very wrong."

As the curiously named Those Who Walk Away, the Winnipeg-based composer (whose pedigree includes collaborating with Paul Taylor on the Emmy-winning dance piece Speaking in Tongues and curating the always-intriguing Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival) has given us a hugely powerful musical statement, a sort of modern-day threnody that is at once...more

I Symbolize You / It Made Me Cry - 7
The Last Words
I Symbolize You / It Made Me Cry - 7"

The Last Words got their start in Clarkson, Ontario, in what is now Mississauga, just as the fifties rock and roll of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and Little Richard was about to give way to the Beatles and all those British Invasion bands. The four - guitarist Graeme Box, bass player Bill Dureen, pianist Noel Campbell and drummer Ron Guenther - played exactly two shows as the Beachcombers (for a whopping $5 and $10 per gig) before changing their name to the Nighthawks, which the guys admit ne...more

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