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Betti-Cola - Cub

Young, cloyingly cute and for the most part bereft of talent, Lisa Marr, Robynn Iwata and Valeria Fellini formed Cub in the early part of 1992 and by May were hosting their first gig in somebody's basement. As Marr recalled in Kaitlin Fontana's oral history of Mint Records, Fresh at Twenty, "We either had eight practices or we'd been practising for eight weeks or something before the show." But what the three lacked in ability, they more than made up for in DIY chutzpah, releasing th...more

Incantations - Mimico

The cover art on Mimico's first full-length may suggest some sort of overwrought Tolkienesque prog rock, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Toronto-based threesome of Ben Oginz, Jeremiah Knight and Nick Kervin are actually about a decade ahead - and a tad to the left - of that, with a sound that takes the murky bass-heavy stuff of early-eighties post-punk and melds it onto more hypnotic krautrock rhythms. The guys have actually been on the scene for a few years, having formed ...more

Reves Sonores a Montreal - Stefan  Christoff and Nick Schofield
Stefan Christoff and Nick Schofield
Reves Sonores a Montreal

When not in the studio recording, Montrealers Stefan Christoff and Nick Schofield seem to have their fingers in a number of different pies. In addition to music, the multi-talented Christoff works in the fields of photography, visual art and social activism, having hosted the Howl! Festival of Art and Revolution as well as involving himself with the pro-Palestinian Artists Against Apartheid concert series. Schofield's extracurricular activity - that is, when he is not making music as half o...more

Jump / SBTD - 7
Kappa Chow
Jump / SBTD - 7"

Kappa Chow's first slab of wax was the menacingly titled 'Punk as Fuck' seven-inch, a cool but rather muffled lo-fi jam that was more basement than garage and, frankly, could just as well have stayed there. Their second, the more polished 'Jump', finds the pride of Sackville, NB taking a turn down slower, more psychedelic avenues. The pleasantly plodding a-side packs some pounding drums, scathing guitars and a weirdly detached vocal that somehow manages to connect the seemingly ...more

No, No, No / Afraid of the Dark - 7
United Empire Loyalists
No, No, No / Afraid of the Dark - 7"

By the time the United Empire Loyalists got around to releasing this deliciously rare seven-inch - the only piece of wax they would ever make - they were already fixtures on the west coast underground scene. The Vancouverites had been kicking around the lower mainland as far back as April 1966 when, as teenagers, they played the first of many gigs at Jerry Kruz's Afterthought nightclub. Kruz, who was actually their manager, recounted the group's genesis in his bo...more

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