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Foolish Girl / Surprise - 7
The Tiaras
Foolish Girl / Surprise - 7"

Brenda Russell was just 12 years old when her musical parents (her father Gus Gordon was once a member of the Ink Spots) left Brooklyn for the relatively colour-blind city of Hamilton, Ontario. And while the idea that Canada in the 1960s was a storybook world of peace and love to all would be laughable to any visible minority, it did have a weirdly encouraging effect on the young newcomer.

"I was the only black kid in the entire school, the only black kid anyone had ever met,...more

Try ;-) - Faith Healer
Faith Healer
Try ;-)

Jessica Jalbert first dubbed herself Faith Healer a few years back so that she wouldn't get lumped into that constricting singer-songwriter trap. And there is certainly no danger of that happening. On her sophomore effort, Try ;-), the Edmontonian hooked up with multi-instrumentalist Renny Wilson, spending a month jamming and listening to bargain-bin records at Wilson's personal recording studio in Montreal.

The results are obvious. Much of Try ;-) sallies a...more

Le Magicien / Selon le Bible - 7
Le Magicien / Selon le Bible - 7"

Someone issued two impossibly rare singles around the turn of the decade, 1969's 'Chante et danse avec moi' b/w 'Il est encore temps' on Visa and this one the following year on the Canama imprint, which aside from being rather cool in themselves mark the first sides by Quebec singer/songwriter Gilles Valiquette. In addition to Valiquette, who was barely eighteen years old at the time, the Montreal trio also included bass player David Poirier and drummer Norman Langlois. Both 'Le magic...more

The Night and I Are Still So Young - The Heavy Blinkers
The Heavy Blinkers
The Night and I Are Still So Young

Spin magazine famously called the Heavy Blinkers "one of the greatest bands you've (probably) never heard". The Halifax quintet once counted the likes of Sondre Lerche, Van Dyke Parks and the High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan among its admirers, but today their CDs - alas, it was the early days of the millennium, so no vinyl was ever issued - languish, scuffed up and largely passed over, in the back corners of the record shops.

Like many a young music lover at the time, bandleader J...more

I/Variations - Grej

Grej is actually a pseudonym for Toronto-based composer/percussionist Greg Harrison, whose resume includes pieces for the likes of the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Form CDT, Division 85 Films, and Random Acts of Dance. I/Variations is an EP of sorts, consisting of four short tracks commissioned by FORM CDT for a modern dance performance by Mateo Galindo Torres along with live accompanying illustrations by Carlos Delgado.

The music on I/Variations is a me...more

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