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Je M'en Souviens - 12
French B
Je M'en Souviens - 12" EP

At first listen, one might be forgiven for thinking of French B's 'Je m'en souviens' as some sort of benign dance track. But when the Montreal duo of Richard Gauthier and Jean-Robert Bisaillon teamed up to form French B (which was actually a truncated French Bastards) their intention was something much more subversive in nature.

The two Quebec nationalists first got together in the late eighties, a time when things in la belle province were not quite so belle....more

My Woman / Sitting in the Station - 7
The Mongrels
My Woman / Sitting in the Station - 7"

Most people who know Winnipeg at all probably know it for the Guess Who, or perhaps as the place where a teenaged Neil Young cut his first record. But the prairie capital famous for its bitterly cold winters, a pretty decent ballet company and, I suppose, its hockey team, had a sizeable music scene of its own back in the late sixties. One label that seems to have slipped into the undergrowth of obscurity is the locally based Franklin Records, whose roster included a litany of singles that no...more

Airplane Tracks EP - The Burdocks
The Burdocks
Airplane Tracks EP

The Burdocks plied the same sort of raunchy indie rock that tweaked the ears of so many music critics back in the day, drawing obvious comparisons to the likes of Built to Spill, Modest Mouse and Pavement. Of course with two vocalists, these Haligonians - Sean MacGillivray, Christian Simmons, Seth Smith and Nancy Urich - likely had to expend a good deal of their energy pulling themselves out of the orbit of Halifax's most celebrated sons, Sloan.

In all, the Burdocks release...more

Zwei Hande (Part 1) - Castle If
Castle If
Zwei Hande (Part 1)

Sometimes fortuity presents itself in the most unlikely of places. In the case of Castle If's Jess Forrest and her stunning first LP, Zwei Hande (Part 1), that place was a bar stool at one of her local haunts in Toronto's west end.

"Adam Terejko and I were both sitting at the bar and he started chatting me up," Forrest told CM. "I was pretty rude to him at first because I thought he was trying to hit on me but I soon found out that Adam is the friendliest dude ever...more

Too Hot for Love - T.H.P. Orchestra
T.H.P. Orchestra
Too Hot for Love

Montreal may have been the hands-down disco capital of Canada - "the second most important disco market on the continent, outside New York," according to Billboard at the time - but Toronto also had a thriving scene of its own centred mostly around producers Ian Guenther and Willi Morrison. Toronto in the mid-seventies was actually much more of a rock and roll type of place (with the Gasworks on Yonge Street serving as ground zero for the beer-swilling heshers and their ilk). But when these...more

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