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Contraction - Contraction

Franck Dervieux's 1972 LP Dimension M is an archeological missing link of sorts in Quebec, managing as it did to bridge the waning world of psychedelia with the quickly burgeoning one of progressive rock. Dervieux unfortunately died tragically just after the recording of that album, but his backing band of singer Christiane Robichaud, guitarist Michel Robidoux, bassist Yves Laferriere and drummer Christian St. Roch kept his spirit alive as the nucleu...more

Isador EP - Isador
Isador EP

"Lo-fi psych jams from the weirdest corners of your record collection." That is how Isador themselves label their music, and I suppose it is as apt a description as you'll get for the curiously intoxicating sounds on this EP. The trio of Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers, Amelia Curran), Charles Austin (Buck65, Aqua Alta), and Kyle Cunjak (The Olympic Symphonium) have concocted a sound that manages to conjure seventies library music, Turkish psych, drum 'n' bass and even a bit of Robe...more

See About Dreamin' / Weird Understanding - 7
The Circle Widens
See About Dreamin' / Weird Understanding - 7"

The Circle Widens' blistering b-side 'Weird Understanding' has been creating a bit of a stir amongst collectors of late. But what the cratediggers may not know is that the authors of that long-lost acid track actually moved in much more prosaic circles. A January 21, 1969 piece in the University of Alberta's student newspaper, The Gateway, described them as "perhaps the best-known folk-rock group in Edmonton, doing a cross-section of songs which includes the Beatles, Sergio Mendez, Leonard ...more

(various) - Denim Delinquent 1971 - 1976
Denim Delinquent 1971 - 1976

What kind of man read Denim Delinquent? Well, Morrissey for one. The erstwhile Smiths singer was apparently a huge fan of the early-seventies fanzine, writing letters to the editors, at one point actually taking out a subscription and, in perhaps the little-known zine's biggest publicity coup, even going so far as to etch the words "What kind of man reads Denim Delinquent?" in the run-off groove of a 12" single (a one-sided 1989 issue of his 'Interesting Drug').


The Brandy Alexanders EP - The Brandy Alexanders
The Brandy Alexanders
The Brandy Alexanders EP

The Brandy Alexanders are pretty upfront about their love of the Beatles, and it certainly doesn't take a musicologist to glean those influences from their music. But even graduates of Liverpool Hope University's M.A. program in Beatles Studies might be hard-pressed to connect their name to the Fab Four.

The Brandys' vocalist and primary songwriter Alex Dick shed some light on this. "I know it's cliche to say this as a band," he told the Windsor Independent, "but the Beatle...more

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