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Futur Parle - Essaie Pas
Essaie Pas
Futur Parle

Essaie Pas' first missive since their excellent Demain Est un Autre Nuit (2016) is a video project that raises the minimal synth genre to dizzying new heights. On 'Futur parle', the Montreal husband/wife duo of Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau have teamed up with director Christophe Royal King and the results are amazingly intense, and quite possibly the best thing the pair have done so far.

The nearly seven-minute piece is based on the 1977 sci-fi novel more

The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern - David McPherson
David McPherson
The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

The Tragically Hip's late great frontman Gord Downie immortalized the Horseshoe Tavern in their 1999 song 'Bobcaygeon' when he sang, "That night in Toronto / with its checkerboard floors". Not that it really needed any more accolades. In its seventy years of existence on Toronto's Queen West strip, the crusty old club has seen a virtual hall of fame-worth of stars grace those black and white tiles, from Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Stompin' Tom Connors in its early days, when Toronto w...more

Born at Night - Big City Cough
Big City Cough
Born at Night

"Why wait? Just do."

That Nike-esque assertion is how Sean Beresford described the raw bedroom quality of Born at Night, his first solo set as Big City Cough. The Toronto-based musician, who by his own admission has spent the bulk of his career as "somebody else's guitar player", recorded Born at Night on "an acoustic guitar that is now pretty much unplayable, mostly in living rooms in Toronto with a super-basic mobile studio setup and a few half-decent mics"....more

Laissez-Nous Vous Embrasser Ou Vous Avez Mal - Peloquin Sauvageau
Peloquin Sauvageau
Laissez-Nous Vous Embrasser Ou Vous Avez Mal

"We were not political. We were planetary. We were beyond the revolution."

That is how the Quebecois poet/provocateur Claude Peloquin described the chaotic, multi-media events that took place in Montreal during the 1960s. Peloquin had already self-published several books when he got involved in these 'happenings' - L'Horloge du Nouvel Age in 1964 and Le Zirmate a year later - where a motley collection of painters, poets, dancers and musicians pursue...more

Pour un Instant / 100,000 Raisons - 7
Pour un Instant / 100,000 Raisons - 7"

Serge Fiori honed his chops as a teenager filling in for musicians in his dad's 25-piece ballroom orchestra. It was there that the budding guitarist got his first whiff of rock 'n' roll stardom. "That's where I picked up my first electric guitar," a surprisingly affable Fiori would later tell Terry DiMonte on Montreal's CHOM-FM. "When the people were drunk enough - not too late, around 10:30 or 11 - I'd go in front and we used to do like all Santana and Led Zeppelin, the pedal to the medal....more

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