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Double Seeker EP - Uaxyacac
Double Seeker EP

Uaxyacac (pronounced Wa-ha-ca) is the electronic project of University of Moncton music grad Nick Smith and the five-song Double Seeker is his first release. The Montreal-based Smith describes the record as "a homemade ode to classic 80's UK synthpop and French/German coldwave", which I suppose is about as apt a description as any. Tracks like the plodding 'Teeth' and the industrial-strength 'In Need of Your Love' touch on all that sulky, gay-friendly electropop that New Order did so...more

Been Burnt / Don't Know Why - 7
Luke and the Apostles
Been Burnt / Don't Know Why - 7"

Mike McKenna had found fleeting fame fronting a blues band called Mike's Trio, playing regular nights at the Cellar Club in Toronto's rapidly changing Yorkville neighbourhood. But sometime in 1964, the guitarist hooked up with singer Luke Gibson and classically trained keyboard player Peter Jermyn and the three rechristened themselves Luke and the Apostles. (The name, coined by Jermyn, was a cheeky reference to the already popular Robbie Lane and the Disciples, who were busy gigging up and ...more

Modern Man - The Filthy Politicians
The Filthy Politicians
Modern Man

I get sent a lot of submissions from musicians that want me review their work, and nothing in my inbox has come close to matching the honesty, intensity, and clear vision of the Filthy Politicians' Modern Man. In his bio sheet, Dan Peters writes, "Beyond the shallow, token analysis and solutions offered up by the ones that continue to benefit from the destruction of our Mother Earth, the Filthy Politicians set out to take a deep look at an extreme situation and urge those with more hum...more

Make Your Own Culture - The Tower of Dudes
The Tower of Dudes
Make Your Own Culture

The Tower of Dudes are anything but suburban poseurs. The Victoria-based gypsy punks actually got their start as a more international collective on the streets of Prague way back in 2007. "Originally, the whole band were expats," frontman and guitarist Johnny Feelings recalled. "My wife and I, the founding members, are from British Columbia, and the others were American and British. We were asked to leave Europe for a while and refile our papers - and one of the Americans ended up in solit...more

David Wiffen - David Wiffen
David Wiffen
David Wiffen

His songs have been covered by the likes of Rumer, the Cowboy Junkies, the Black Crows, the Jayhawks, Roger McGuinn, Harry Belafonte, Tom Rush, Ian and Sylvia Tyson and Jerry Jeff Walker. Yet despite such a wide appreciation and respect for his song-writing, English-born Canadian singer and guitarist David Wiffen has not become the household name that he deserves to be.

Wiffen was born on 11 March 1942 in Redhill, Surrey. In 1956, the family moved to nearby Claygate and whil...more

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