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Don't Cry Little Tree - Trevor Dandy
Trevor Dandy
Don't Cry Little Tree

Trevor Dandy's revelatory soul/gospel album Don't Cry Little Tree is about as close to the bottom of the dustbin as you can get. A collaboration between the budding producer Paul J. Zaza and the Jamaican-born Dandy, this devilishly tough-to-find LP was pressed up in a tiny run of 2,000, supposedly for sale to Dandy's church congregation. But, as Zaza remembers, it was a disagreement between Dandy and the church that helped contribute to the disc's cachet amongst collectors. "He had ...more

A Place to Stand b/w A Place to Stand - 7
Jerry Toth
A Place to Stand b/w A Place to Stand - 7"

Had it not been for Ontario's one-time unofficial provincial anthem, the talented musician, composer and arranger Jerry Toth would be even more forgotten than he already is. The Windsor (ON) native was born Jaroslav Toth to a family of musicians that included a violinist father who doubled as a maker of cimbaloms, a type of hammer dulcimer native to Central Europe. The young Toth cut his musical teeth at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, studying both the saxophone and the clarine...more

Storm in My Heart / Anne Marie - 7
The Chantones
Storm in My Heart / Anne Marie - 7"

Few people buy doo wop reissues these days and thus few people remember that the Chantones were Jack Scott's vocal backing group. Fewer still are aware that this Windsor-based quartet had a chart-topping hit of their own way back in 1957, a year before that fortuitous hook-up with Scott. And, to further this example, there can't be many still alive who know that the group's bass vocalist honed his vocal chops while attending a school for the blind. "I had some vision (then) but not enough...more

Means and Ways / Help for My Waiting - 7
The Dorians
Means and Ways / Help for My Waiting - 7"

Though the Dorians managed to get their records released all across Europe in the early seventies, they have been curiously excised from the annals of pop history, including in their hometown of Windsor (ON). The Dorians - singer John Unger and guitarist/keyboardist Bob Nixon, with Bill Loop on bass and Mike Betts on the skins - actually got their start a little bit to the south, in historic Kingsville. John Unger walked me through the band's genesis: "I was 18, bumping around Kingsville ho...more

Ain't Nobody Else / Toes Nails - 7
Doomsday Machine
Ain't Nobody Else / Toes Nails - 7"

Doomsday Machine put out a couple of professionally recorded singles for the Dot label in 1969. The five-piece from Kingsville, just to the south of Windsor (ON), consisted of guitarist Jerry Alice, singer Robert Alice and keyboardist Wally Glass, with bassist Bob Matlack and drummer Art Quick bringing up the rhythm end of things. Bob Nixon, though actually a member of Kingsville's other big claim to fame at the time, the Dorians, wrote three of the band's four sides. Nixon sheds a little l...more

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