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Remorse / One Girl - 7
Mike Campbell
Remorse / One Girl - 7"

This is one record that was definitely well worth all the cyber-research. A little digging reveals that Mike Campbell was once a bit of a teen idol on the west coast, making upwards of one hundred television appearances on popular shows like Let's Go and Music Hop. Campbell released 'Remorse' in 1966 on Tom Northcott's recently established New Syndrome label, but to the best of my knowledge it didn't bother the local Vancouver charts all that much. Like many long-forgot...more

Tissue Sample (cassette) - The Party's Over
The Party's Over
Tissue Sample (cassette)

The seeds of what would become Canada's most overtly industrial band started to germinate just as the seventies segued into the eighties. "In 1980 I met some kindred spirits by putting an ad at Records on Wheels (or maybe I answered an ad - I forget)," recalls lead synth player Scott Kerr in Nick Smash's Alone and Gone. "Within a few months the Party's Over had formed, with Eric Fitz, Sean Leaning, Anita Smith (who later joined Fifth Column) and Bruc...more

Alone and Gone: The Story of Toronto's Post Punk Underground  - Nick Smash
Nick Smash
Alone and Gone: The Story of Toronto's Post Punk Underground

Simon Reynolds, in his Rip It Up and Start Again, still the ultimate document of the late seventies/early eighties years, surmised that post-punk was punk's weirder sibling: well-read, art school-educated and bursting with creative energy. Whereas punk looked back in time to a purer, simpler era of music, somewhere I guess between the Sonics 1965 'Psycho' single and the Stooges seminal Raw Power long-player, post-punk was relentlessly forward-looking, taking influence, i...more

'83 - Iko

Montreal's 1980s minimal synth scene was pretty tiny next to those in Toronto or San Francisco. But what it lacked in size, it more than made up for in sheer emotion. Any T.O. knob-twiddler worth his or her circuitry at the time would most certainly have been digging through imports at the Record Peddler on Queen East and walking out with copies of Gary Numan's Replicas, John Foxx's Metamatic or the Human League's Reproduction tucked inside that vintage grey overcoat....more

Neo-Reconquista - Boogat

The MC known as Boogat has been all over the Montreal hip-hop scene ever since his days fronting the francophone band Andromaick back in the nineties. It wasn't really until relatively recently, however, that the Mexican-born rapper, writer and producer decided to reclaim his Hispanic roots, issuing a series of albums, EPs and singles in his native Spanish. His first such recordings, 2010's Mala Fama EP and, especially, its excellent follow-up Que Pegue Duro y Violento feature...more

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