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Absolutely Free - Absolutely Free
Absolutely Free
Absolutely Free

Fans of Absolutely Free's post-millennial krautrock grooves have had to wait quite a while for the band's full-length version of events. It has now been upwards of three years since the Toronto-based group formed out of the ashes of the noisier DD/MM/YYYY, and all we have in our hands are two 12-inch singles, 2012's meandering 'UFO', and the more fleshed-out 'On the Beach', with the glistening 'Clothed Woman, Sitting' on the flipside, the foll...more

Brainbroom / Invincible - 7
The Trifids
Brainbroom / Invincible - 7"

The Trifids were essentially the same unknown Czech woman behind the equally demented and hopelessly obscure One of You, who issued a couple of singles a few years prior to this featuring a terminally depressive Eastern European voice (complete with faulty grammar and imperfect pronunciation) droning on about life's insurmountable difficulties above a haunting church organ. It was either a parody worthy of SCTV or the ultimate outsider art depending on which side of the immigrant experience ...more

Life is So Hard / Faded Flowers - 7
One of You
Life is So Hard / Faded Flowers - 7"

By rights, One of You's 'Life is So Hard', with its gloomy organ and equally depressive lyrics, should have been an underground favourite amongst the black-clad goth crowd back in the day. From what little the internet gives up on this bizarre curio, it is the work of a Czech immigrant in Ottawa who appears shell-shocked at the impersonal society she has been thrust into and, with the sort of end-of-the-world bleakness that the Eastern Europeans did so well, decided to share that quasi-suici...more

Proof of Life EP - Coyote
Proof of Life EP

Coyote have been kicking around Prince Edward Island for several years now and Proof of Life is their second EP. The Charlottetown five-piece formed around guitarist and singer Josh Carter, bassist Evan McCosham, and brothers Bruce and Bradford Rooney on lead guitar and keys, with Nova Scotian Mike King rounding things out on the skins. Together, they peddle a sort of bubbly, guitar-driven pop sound that has one foot in the now and the other in the eighties, most notably those anthemi...more

Don't Cry Little Tree - Trevor Dandy
Trevor Dandy
Don't Cry Little Tree

Trevor Dandy's revelatory soul/gospel album Don't Cry Little Tree is about as close to the bottom of the dustbin as you can get. A collaboration between the budding producer Paul J. Zaza and the Jamaican-born Dandy, this devilishly tough-to-find LP was pressed up in a tiny run of 2,000, supposedly for sale to Dandy's church congregation. But, as Zaza remembers, it was a disagreement between Dandy and the church that helped contribute to the disc's cachet amongst collectors. "He had ...more

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