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The Afterthought: West Coast Rock Posters and Recollections from the '60s - Jerry Kruz
Jerry Kruz
The Afterthought: West Coast Rock Posters and Recollections from the '60s

Though it was Canada's third city by a long shot, Vancouver in the 1960s had the good fortune to be many thousands of kilometres closer to the epicentre of counterculture than either Toronto or Montreal. A journey to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco or L.A.'s edgier Sunset Boulevard was really just a drive - albeit a longish one - down the old Highway 101. And those visits were reciprocal, with the early Signe Anderson-fronted Jefferson Airplane making the trip north for two nights in Januar...more

Once Upon a Hundred Years - Lucio Agostini
Lucio Agostini
Once Upon a Hundred Years

It is doubtful whether Giuseppe Agostini spoke much English or French when he arrived in Montreal in 1915 with his wife and one-year-old son Lucio, but one thing is for sure. As a former bandleader in his hometown of Fano on the Adriatic Coast, he was able to use his musical skills to avoid the backbreaking labour most uneducated Italian immigrants had to suffer in Canada, managing to find work leading orchestras throughout the province of Quebec. He also saw to it that his young son Lucio ...more

Hey Miss Maybe b/w I Will Take You Home - 7
Greg Mittler
Hey Miss Maybe b/w I Will Take You Home - 7"

Google may know everything about you or me, but that mind-boggling algorithm gives up very little on the mysterious Greg Mittler and his long-lost 'Hey Miss Maybe' seven-inch. What we do know is that this surprisingly catchy pop record was released on the Up imprint in the early part of 1973 - the only release it seems on that tiny label - and that it entered the RPM charts at an underwhelming #97, climbing as high as #81 for the week of May 5th. All of which is a nice way of saying ...more

Del Bel - Del Bel
Del Bel
Del Bel

Del Bel certainly took their sweet time recording their sophomore LP. Those paying attention will recall that their excellent 2011 debut, Oneiric, piqued the ears of many a critic up here in Canuckistan, with the Toronto Star's Ben Rayner gushingly declaring them "the most intriguing young band you haven't heard of. Yet."

For those few still not hip, it is time to change that yet to a now. With Del Bel, the Toronto pair of composer Tyler Belluz and singer Lisa...more

Without My Sweet Baby / Baby You're What I Need - 7
Roy Kenner and the Associates
Without My Sweet Baby / Baby You're What I Need - 7"

This was the first release on Merv Buchanon's Trend label. Roy Kenner was a charismatic soul singer who wowed crowds - the ladies especially - with his good looks, boundless energy and James Brown moves. As Roy Kenner and the Associates, the Toronto quintet of Kenner, guitarist Tom Beavis, organist Henry Babraj, bass player Greg Carducci and drummer Ray Ryclefski made the rounds at high schools and after-hours clubs across Ontario. They were especially popular at The Modern Age Lounge, a ba...more

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