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Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson - Perte d'Identite

Perte d'Identite
Weyrd Son - 2014

Michael Panontin
A true Montrealer, effortlessly bilingual and born and raised in Mile End before the hipsters arrived, Marie Davidson can include on her resume stints with dreamy etherealists Les Momies de Palerme and dark disco duo DKMD, as well as being half of the more industrial-strength Essais Pas. The icy, electro Perte d'Identite is her first stab at a solo full-length record and was issued in early 2014 on Michael Thiel's fairly new Weyrd Son imprint.

Those who whetted their appetite with her tantalizing digital seven-inch 'Abduction' will not be disappointed here. The bulk of Perte d'Identite is given over to an intense, and at times even frightening, panoply of electronic sound. "I started experimenting with electronic gear that I didn't really know how to use: sequencers and synthesizers and drum machines," Davidson explained to the France-based Dum Dum magazine. "There's no computer, which is rare for electronic music, and no acoustic instruments."

The relatively toe-tapping 'Shaky Leg' gives a nod or two to Daniel Miller's Normal project and thus would mark a safe starting point for the less adventurous. But after that it's one heck of an interesting ride. 'Vie et mort d'un ego' and the tense, minimalist intro 'Prelude', for instance, evoke those chilling sci-fi soundtracks of the seventies and eighties. Also in that camp is the excellent title track, seven-plus minutes of woozy, noirish electronics parsed with a voiceover so clinical it'll scare the pants off you.

(The three hundred hand-numbered copies sold out in just a few months, so collectors might have to scour eBay for this, or else settle for the digital download.)


     Marie Davidson
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