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The Taste

The Taste - Sea Legs EP

Sea Legs EP
Reel Cod - 2014

Michael Panontin
Have you ever wondered what the world would be like today if punk had not happened? I mean if the anger of 1977 had been replaced with romanticism and we had obsessed over bands like the Beatles and the Raspberries rather than the Velvet Underground and the Stooges? What if that year were actually known today as the flowering of power pop and bands like the Shoes, the Rich Kids or the Beckies (google them!) were getting deluxe 35th anniversary reissues of their records these days? I am willing to bet that if the guys who make up the Taste have not already pondered this question, they soon will.

The Toronto-based quartet of Daniel Girard, Brent Randall, Brian O'Reilly, and Jay Anderson trade in that same sort of effervescent hook-filled pop, which truth be told is infinitely harder to write than punk rock. Though actually formed by Girard four years before in Halifax, it wasn't until he relocated to Toronto and reformed the band with the present crew that the Taste really started to find their chops. Sea Legs is the new line-up's first EP and it certainly is a dandy. The six-song cassette is rife with the sort of spry hooks and sparkly vocals that would have made Eric Carmen and the boys proud. Purists will no doubt dig the excellent 'The City', with its fetching piano-driven intro, but the bouncy 'Happening Now', which nods more towards MOR sounds of the same period, is definitely worth a listen or three.


     Reel Cod

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