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The Pinecones

The Pinecones - Ooh!

Reel Cod - 2014

Michael Panontin
After the seventies soft-pop of their We Were Strangers in Paddington Green, Brent Randall and the Pinecones quit the east coast for the big smoke - Toronto to out-of-towners - in 2010. There, they hooked up with guitarist Paul Linklater and as the shortened Pinecones turned the calendar back a few years to 1969, releasing the Brit-infused Sage, an album so thoroughly ridden with psych-rock references as to seem like a long-lost curio from the era.

Fast forward a few years to 2013 and we find the Pinecones whittled down to a trio of Randall, Linklater and drummer Marshall Bureau. Their third LP, Ooh!, is steeped in those deliciously sweet riffs that flavoured much of 1970s power pop, a genre that always seemed to struggle for acceptance, lost somewhere amid the metal-worshipping radio waves and the more subversive punk-fuelled clubs. I am willing to bet that these guys have spent more than a few Saturday nights studiously spinning their scuffed-up Big Star, Raspberries and Dwight Twilley records. Though the Pinecones have obviously done their homework, much of Ooh! is hit and miss. But for anyone looking for a well-spent 99 cents, the jangly 'Gloomy Monday' and the hook-laden title track ought to keep your i-pod busy for a while.

(And for those who prefer that tactile experience, Ooh! found its way onto vinyl in early 2014, courtesy of the good folks at Reel Cod, and is available in both "authentically original rugged black" and "bright sunshine/banana cream/lemon sludge coloured" wax.)


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