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Mimico - Fate Screen - split 7

Fate Screen - split 7" with Fresh Snow
Reel Cod - 2014

Michael Panontin
This cool double-sider arrived in shops near the end of November 2014, and with a price tag of just five bucks it has to go down as one of the top-10 record values of the year, if only we made such sensible lists. Both bands here - Fresh Snow and Mimico - are part of the Toronto-based Reel Cod label's impressive roster of talent, one which also includes the jangly Pinecones and the power-popping Taste. It's hard to say which side is the better of the two here. On one side, there is Fresh Snow's Neu-inspired deconstruction of Tommy James and the Shondells' 'Mony Mony'. "This is a song Billy Idol stole from Tommy James," the guys cheekily write on their webpage, "[and] we're stealing it back!" To which one can only add, "Fuckin' eh!" With seething electronics and crashing, chaotic drums, not to mention a pounding Dingerbeat that barely keeps the whole thing from near total disintegration, this most innocuous of frat-rock anthems is rendered almost unrecognizable, save for the occasional burst or two of guitar. But pay closer attention to the flipside and Mimico's excellent 'Fate Screen', taken from their 2015 Incantations set. On it, this local trio meticulously meld seventies krautrock with a bit of the darker synth-wave of the early eighties into what is easily one of the finer tracks to come out of Canuckistan of late. Track this record down if you can.


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