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Tapeheads - Bricolage I & II

Bricolage I & II
Jeunesse Cosmique - 2014

Michael Panontin
Thierry Larose goes by the name of Tapeheads and Bricolage I & II is his first true album of music. The limited-edition cassette of mostly instrumental bedroom recordings is what the young Marieville, Quebec native flippantly dubs "small sound pieces destined to be glued together nicely in a celestial scrapbook...or something as cheesy and ambiguous". These somewhat hastily edited snippets of music - they are mostly one or two minutes long - run the gamut from trippy electro-acoustic forays ('Viens ici mon ami') to mopey psych-folk offerings ('Walking the Crow', 'Andante'). And while the whole thing feels for the most part unfinished, you can download the lot of it for a fiver.


     Jeunesse Cosmique

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