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SWO8 Blues/Jazz

SWO8 Blues/Jazz - Monkey of Sousse

Monkey of Sousse
(independent) - 2014

Michael Panontin
SWO8 Blues/Jazz are a family affair and Monkey of Sousse is their second EP. The Mississauga-based collective is the muse of Leslie Martel, one-time flautist for the Queen's Own Rifles Marching Band and artistic matriarch to a musical clan that ranges from age seven to seventy. They seem about as off the grid as one can get, with no website or press kit - even Martel's e-mails are shrouded in mystery. What's important, then, is that these eleven snippets - they are all about one or two minutes long - run the gamut from trippy flute-flecked acid-jazz to more exotic forays into tango, choral and spoken word. Those who can remember Rip, Rig and Panic's less outre moments back in the early eighties might have a bit of a reference point, especially on pieces like the disjointed 'For the People Blues'. There is definitely an unfinished quality to these tracks, so those looking to really get into them might feel a pang or two of frustration at their brevity. Still, there is no denying that this is a talented bunch.


     SWO8 Blues/Jazz

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