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Stefan Christoff and Nick Schofield

Stefan  Christoff and Nick Schofield - Reves Sonores a Montreal

Reves Sonores a Montreal
Howl! Arts Collective - 2014

Michael Panontin
When not in the studio recording, Montrealers Stefan Christoff and Nick Schofield seem to have their fingers in a number of different pies. In addition to music, the multi-talented Christoff works in the fields of photography, visual art and social activism, having hosted the Howl! Festival of Art and Revolution as well as involving himself with the pro-Palestinian Artists Against Apartheid concert series. Schofield's extracurricular activity - that is, when he is not making music as half of playful experimentalists Saxsyndrum - takes him to the medium of radio, where he hosts the wildly successful Underground Sounds show on CKUT-FM.

On the entirely instrumental Reves Sonores a Montreal, Christoff takes a series of minimal solo piano pieces composed in Victoria the previous summer with his brother Jordan, and hands those over to Schofield, who transforms them electronically into what the two describe as "descriptions of a shifting world with an uncertain future." The twelve tracks, most of which are barely snippets at two to three minutes in length, tread the same sort of sparse, ethereal paths that past masters Brian Eno or Harold Budd have previously led us down. As with Eno's iconic Music for Airports, the silence between sounds is nearly as evocative as the notes themselves, and this is especially so on tracks like the hushed four-minute journey, 'generation I', and its shorter sibling piece 'generation II'. Reves Sonores a Montreal is a work of considerable beauty and most definitely worth a listen.


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