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Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free - On the Beach / Clothed Woman, Sitting - 12

On the Beach / Clothed Woman, Sitting - 12"
Lefse - 2013

Michael Panontin
The twelve-inch single seems to be the medium of choice for Toronto-based astral-rockers Absolutely Free. After forming out of the ashes of noisemakers DD/MM/YYYY towards the end of 2011, the four-piece made their debut soon after at the M for Montreal Festival on November 17. Their first bit of wax, the mesmerizing 'UFO' b/w 'Glass Tassle' arrived in the shops just in time for Christmas the following year on Fucked Up guitarist Mike Haliechuk's One Big Silence imprint. The band's updated take on krautrock and kosmische motifs even caught the ears of those fine arbiters of taste over at Pitchfork, who blessed 'UFO' with a Best New Track label.

Here on the follow-up, produced by Haliechuk and released conjointly by One Big Silence, Lefse and Fat Possum, Absolutely Free pick up where 'UFO' left off, with the a-side smacking us right off the bat with a pummeling motorik groove that slides into a somewhat underwhelming vocal track. This one could easily have been stretched out into a side-long instrumental workout. The flipside fares much better. The nearly nine-minute 'Clothed Woman, Sitting' certainly takes its time warming up, but then melds a hypnotic groove, spacy synth and twee vocal into a near-perfect track.


     Absolutely Free

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