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Mavo - Mavo 7

Mavo 7" EP
Fixture - 2013

Michael Panontin
The good folks over at Montreal's Fixture Records seem to have their fingers all over the pulse...of 1985, that is. Sheer Agony's Pet Crow seven-inch last year exhumed the remains of all those forgotten left-field pop-punk bands like the Bongos and the Homosexuals. Here, those finely crafted hooks seem to have scuffed up a little after being left out in the garage for a spell. On their debut piece of wax, the Montreal-based Mavo, a trio fronted by Osaka-born and Calgary-bred Mitz Takahashi, take the rougher-hewn sounds of, say, Television Personalities and toss in a bit of Mark E. Smith's nasally snarl. 'Mock My Accent' throws a thick, drony wall of guitars at the listener, while 'Horrible Pop Haircut' seems to tread into Art Brut's tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek territory. But get this for the excellent 'Totally Tired', seemingly tacked on to the end of side b, where Takahashi lifts lines from the Fall's 1980 single and the VU's 'I'm Waiting for the Man' in a rather cool reverse-take on racism, whining in accented English, "Hey white boy, what you doing in Chinatown?" and then "I'm totally tired / can't you see?" The Mavo 7" is most definitely a labour of love, with hand-stamped labels, a sleeve photo taken by Takahashi's dad back in 1969 from the cockpit of a plane and, of course, a very limited press run of just 200. But if you miss out, Fixture assures us that there is a whole album's worth of songs down the pipeline.



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