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Brave Radar

Brave Radar - Message Centre EP

Message Centre EP
Fixture - 2014

Michael Panontin
The good folks over at Fixture are at it again. The Montreal label has built up a pretty solid roster of bands that specialize in mining all those lesser-known eighties sounds and re-packaging them into nifty cassette-only releases. This time around it is label founders Tessa Smith and Conor Prendergast's Brave Radar project and their first recording in some five years. Strictly limited to just 200 copies, the eight-song Message Centre tape consists mostly of home-recorded demos that pilfer those slight, minimal guitar riffs that bands like the Young Marble Giants and the Marine Girls used to trade in all those years ago. Add to that a healthy dose of early Stereolab, at least in Smith's fey vocals, and you have got the potential for some serious fireside favourites. Of course, like those other recorded bedroom feats, some of these demos really ought not to have seen the light of day. But add a bit of studio touch and songs like the excellent title track and the soft-pop of the lovely 'Out of Reach' would definitely have made a fine seven-inch single.



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