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Isador - Wayward Sonology

Wayward Sonology
Backward - 2017

Michael Panontin
Wayward Sonology is Isador's second collection of experimental left-field sounds, something the band curiously dubs "lo-fi psych jams from the weirdest corners of your record collection." The trio of Joshua Van Tassel, Charles Austin and Kyle Cunjak, all fixtures at Halifax's Forward Music, issued their thoroughly enjoyable Isador EP in the early part of 2016. That record, a weirdly exotic mix of seventies library music, Turkish psych, drum 'n' bass and Robert Fripp sadly flew under the radar of most listeners at the time.

This one pretty well picks up where the former left off, with three more entirely instrumental pieces of meandering, almost otherworldly psychedelia, tersely labelled '#4', '#5' and '#6' as a continuation of the first disc. If anything, Wayward Sonology nods a little less to its Eastern influences and a little more towards late-sixties psychedelia, especially on the opener, a powerful - and frustratingly short - panoply of guitar, bass and drums that could almost be an outtake from some long-lost Erkin Koray LP. This is really cool stuff and definitely worth a listen.



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