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Isador - Isador EP

Isador EP
Backward - 2016

Michael Panontin
"Lo-fi psych jams from the weirdest corners of your record collection." That is how Isador themselves label their music, and I suppose it is as apt a description as you'll get for the curiously intoxicating sounds on this EP. The trio of Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers, Amelia Curran), Charles Austin (Buck65, Aqua Alta), and Kyle Cunjak (The Olympic Symphonium) have concocted a sound that manages to conjure seventies library music, Turkish psych, drum 'n' bass and even a bit of Robert Fripp.

Just three short pieces (cryptically titled '#1', '#2' and '#3') is all the guys need to state their case. '#1' is certainly the most rhythmic of the bunch, with Van Tassel's hopped-up drumming shoring up what sounds like incidental music to a European film, while '#3''s fetching guitar work transports us a bit farther east into less familiar worlds. The highlight is definitely the middle track, a gloriously exotic snippet that seems wedged somewhere between Iran and the Indian subcontinent. Those who can recall the thrill upon first hearing Holger Czukay's left-field mash-up 'Persian Love' will certainly appreciate this one.



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