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Ostrich Bouquet

Ostrich Bouquet - On Time, As Usual EP

On Time, As Usual EP
(independent) - 2017

Michael Panontin
Ostrich Bouquet formed in early 2017 and by all accounts they really mean business. The Montreal four-piece of bassist/singer Davide Ventulieri, guitarist Jeremy Bozzo, keyboardist/guitarist Kyle Podwalski and drummer Michael Tomizzi rifled off this swell EP after just nine months together.

Tomizzi describes Ostrich Bouquet as "a psychedelic band", but then goes on to say that "we draw influence from post-rock, ambient, jazz and indie music, with many songs featuring weird time, odd chord progressions and ambience/noise." A fair summation, I'd say, as the seven songs on On Time, As Usual are pretty well all over the place. The opening title track, which utilizes a snippet from a speech by former Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau, sets the tone right off the bat, with a cinematic piano/drum riff that builds in intensity. Ditto for the one-minute '11 AM', which takes that piano - electric this time - and stipples it with some jazzier bass noodling. Still, I'm guessing from the catchy 'Empty Streets' or the single 'Could Never Do' that the guys have their sights set on a poppy, more radio-friendly future.


     Ostrich Bouquet

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