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Monomyth - Happy Pop Family

Happy Pop Family
Mint - 2016

Michael Panontin
Monomyth's one-sheet cheekily touts the band as "Canada's leading purveyors of mid-fi anthemic bedroom pop". No surprise then that the Halifax quartet seems to have found a permanent home at Vancouver's venerable Mint Records, now celebrating its twenty-fifth year out there in indieland. Happy Pop Family, Monomyth's second full-length for the label after 2014's Saturnalia Regalia!, was recorded in the early days of 2015 at Montreal's infamous Drones Club and for the most part veers little from the path trodden by its predecessor.

Happy Pop Family finds songwriter/guitarists Josh Salter and Seamus Dalton in full form, which is to say it's a record rife with whimsical guitars, smirky vocals and plenty of their off-kilter, though cleverly crafted, hooks. There is no shortage of fine exemplars here, from the joyously escapist lead-off single 'Aloha' ("...find my slice of paradise / eat the fruit straight from the tree") to the delightfully jangly pop of 'Falling in Love' and 'Drinking in Bed in E'. And as an added bonus the guys assure us that Happy Pop Family was recorded to analogue tape and mixed straight off the board, which by rights ought to up their cool quotient with the vinyl-worshipping set.



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