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Feu Therese

Feu Therese - Feu Therese

Feu Therese
Constellation - 2006

MIchael Panontin
Progeny of that fecund Montreal scene, Feu Therese boast Fly Pan Am guitarist Jonathan Parent and Shalabi Effect sound collaborator Alexandre St. Onge at the helm. Feu Therese's rookie effort, dedicated to recently deceased avant-garde composer Luc Ferrari, is a fine post-rock collage of fractured motorik beats, organic sound effects and industrial bleeps. Ferrari, like Edgard Varese before him, spent much of the sixties and seventies constructing extended tape pieces, strategically infusing them with altered ambient and electronic found sounds. (Ferrari and Varese, not to mention John Cage, were prescient, paving the way for John Osborne's plunderphonics technique, Holger Czukay's brilliant sample of an Iranian short-wave radio broadcast on 1979's 'Persian Love', Crash Course in Science's absurdist Kitchen Motors EP that same year, and ultimately to mid-eighties industrial threats Einsturzende Neubaten, with their plethora of pneumatic tools, hammers and saws.)

The mostly instrumental Feu Therese wastes little time in its Ferrari homage, opening with 'Ferrari en feu', an assault of squealing, swirling vacuum-like electronics lasting four minutes that ultimately settles into more orthodox organ and guitar. The clamouring krautrock of 'Mademoiselle gentleman' is more compelling, its barely controlled cacophony like a messier, less disciplined Can. The closer, the 12-minute 'Ce n'est pas les jardins du Luxembourg' is the gem here. Sundry nature sounds and serialist plucks and bleeps morph into placid synth/organ ruminations over a deceptively simple, vaguely hypnotic rhythm, while spitting out the odd industrial noise - a beautiful krautrock classic, this piece is.

(A second LP, the more Eurocentric Ca Va Cogner, followed in 2007.)



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