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Khora - Silent Your Body is Endless

Silent Your Body is Endless
Constellation - 2010

Michael Panontin
Khora is the solo project of Toronto-based Matthew Ramolo, and his sophomore disc Silent Your Body is Restless first saw the light of day way back in 2009 as a privately pressed CD. A copy somehow found its way into the hands of programmers up at Montreal's CKUT radio station and pushed its way up the charts there. The record was then re-sequenced, re-mixed and re-mastered, and included as part of Constellation's limited-edition Musique Fragile series, alongside works by Nick Kuepfer and Les Momies De Palerme. By rights, a three-disc set of glacially-paced minimalism should have foundered under its own weight. But the critics paid heed - if not effusively, at least respectfully - prompting the Montreal label to re-release each record separately in a limited run of 180 gram vinyl and download. Ramolo's musical musings - shimmering electro-acoustic pieces of supreme beauty - are a welcome return to the label's more experimental days. His treated electric and acoustic guitars, chimes and sundry effects have an ethereal, almost dirge-like quality, especially the funereal closer 'One is the Other', which should have fans of Arvo Part or Brian Eno rushing for that repeat button.



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