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Zeus - Permanent Scar / The Darkness - 7

Permanent Scar / The Darkness - 7"
Arts and Crafts - 2011

Michael Panontin
'Permanent Scar' is Zeus' second release in what Arts and Crafts calls "an ongoing series of double a-side 7-inches". After the relatively warm reception given 'Hot Under the Collar' / 'Aeroplane' the previous year, the Toronto foursome comes back with this delicious slab of indie rock, released just in time for Record Store Day and all its hungry patrons. Founding members Carlin Nicholson and Mike O'Brien have never hidden their love of well-crafted pop, drawing inspiration from past icons like the Beatles as well as from more recent Canuck hit-makers Sloan or New Pornographers. And where 'Hot Under the Collar' managed to slip some rather convincing early-seventies riffs into its more contemporary alt-rock, the much better 'Permanent Scars' aims even higher, with Nicholson folding in healthy dollops of syrupy McCartney-esque harmonies into its tasty mix. Over on the flip, O'Brien's broody, acoustic 'The Darkness is a bit of a departure for the band, and as such is probably more of a proper b-side, Arts and Crafts' claims to the contrary. Still, fans of any of the abovementioned bands would do well to hunt this record down.


     Arts and Crafts

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