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(Those) Rogues

(Those) Rogues - Wish I Could See You Again / Girl - 7

Wish I Could See You Again / Girl - 7"
Algoma - 1967

Michael Panontin
Like the Amen, (Those) Rogues came out of the tiny, though curiously fertile, Sault Ste Marie (Ontario) scene. The five-piece is known to have played at a place called the Sundown Room as well as in support of pop singer Bobby Curtola. Saxophonist Terry Davey recalled on the Garage Hangover site, "We were all excited as we began to unload our equipment at the Memorial Gardens in Sault Ste. Marie. Bobby had made it in the big time but none of us had any idea of what he looked like. Anyway, as we were carrying our amps, etc to the stage a young man asked if he could help, so I offered him a few dollars and he worked like a Trojan. When we had all finished I thanked him and told him I was the leader of the Rogues. He introduced himself to me as Bobby Curtola!!!"

These sides were both penned by organist Bryan Primeau and recorded down south in Toronto in February 1967, most likely at Arc Studios. Davey himself had to work at the Algoma Steel mill and stayed behind, so the lads made the trek as a four-piece. The catchy 'Wish I Could See You Again' kicks off with Primeau's haunting farfisa and then settles into a cool psychedelic dancebeat, while the reverse packs a tougher punch, sticking to the garage formula with searing electric guitar, swirling organ and vocals singed with a fiery Sky Saxon scowl. This one is criminally obscure, and a mere VG copy sold for a cool $2300 back in 2007!

(Somewhat more recently, 'Wish I Could See You Again' surfaced in the digital world on the Gravel #5 garage comp CD on the Kumquat May label.)


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