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The Ugly Ducklings

The Ugly Ducklings - Postman's Fancy  /  Not for Long - 7

Postman's Fancy / Not for Long - 7"
Yorktown - 1967

Michael Panontin
The Ugly Ducklings' fourth single saw them dabbling in psychedelia to limited success. The b-side, 'Not for Long', is the better of the two tracks here, a summery slice of pop existentialism, languorous and carefree with some lovely lazy harmonica. 'Postman's Fancy', on the other hand, is a rather lame stab at flower-power chic - remember this was early 1967 when hordes of angry garage rockers would be introduced to that magic little sugar cube, to vastly different results. The Ducks fried somewhat on this one. No need to assemble - comes complete with whirling sitar, contrived references to flowers and embarrassing lines like, "People, time is running out / 'cause flowers wilt away". Brains, too, it would seem.

(Both songs can be heard on the LP Somewhere Outside.)

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