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The Ugly Ducklings

The Ugly Ducklings - Just in Case You Wonder  b/w  That's Just a Thought That I Had in My Mind - 7

Just in Case You Wonder b/w That's Just a Thought That I Had in My Mind - 7"
Yorktown - 1966

Michael Panontin
By late 1966, the Ugly Ducklings were ascending the throne of Toronto's Yorkville scene, with their debut single 'Nothin'' having shot to #18 on the CHUM radio charts. A coveted support gig for the Rolling Stones that summer, as well as a slot at the massive CHUM/Telegram "Toronto Sound' shindig ("14 Hours - 14 Big Groups in One Place at One Time! All Seats $2") - both shows sell-outs at the cavernous Maple Leaf Gardens - would no doubt bolster the band's confidence.

So it hardly comes as a surprise that their third single exudes a cocky adolescent swagger. The bitter 'Just in Case You Wonder' (ostensibly about rejection, though I'm guessing the boys' beds were rarely empty at this point) is all surly fuzz guitar and snarly vocals. The choleric guitar solo by Roger Mayne shows a virtuosity that belies the band's modest claims to being poor musicians. 'That's Just a Thought that I Had in My Mind' is more carefree, toning the fuzz down a notch and drizzling it with mellifluous harmonies.

Both sides would find their way onto their only LP at the time, the fine Somewhere Outside.

(Trainspotters take note: original copies of this single were mistitled 'Just in Case You're Wondering', and then later changed to the correct 'Just in Case You Wonder'.)

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