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Deja Voodoo

Deja Voodoo - Monsters in My Garage + 3 EP - 7

Monsters in My Garage + 3 EP - 7"
(independent) - 1982

Michael Panontin
This is where it all began for Deja Voodoo. With the rockabilly revival in full swing by 1981 and the Montreal scene finally awakening from its late seventies sleepwalk, friends Gerald Van Herk and Tony Dewald teamed up to form their enigmatic two-piece, channelling the Cramps' raucous punkabilly into a gumbo of previously unheard sounds. That slurry of distortion coming from Van Herk's four-string and Dewald's minimal drum kit would set the mark for much of the nineties sludgeabilly scene, and this debut seven-inch hardly disappoints.

The quieter a-side underwhelms somewhat, especially when set against their excellent 1984 set Cemetery, surely the industry standard for this sort of thing. Over on the flipside, three tracks recorded live at The Cat's Paw club in Montreal find the lads still raw and amateurish, with 'Boppin' Sue' even gloriously so. Still, when you consider that the White Stripes' first rumblings were still fifteen years away, the sheer awesomeness of Deja Voodoo's work really starts to sink in.

(A second issue of this EP appeared on the band's own Og Music label with a slightly less austere sleeve (pictured), but with little of the Og catalogue available on CD, either version will be tough to track down in any condition.)

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