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Still Life Still

Still Life Still - Girls Come Too

Girls Come Too
Arts and Crafts - 2009

Michael Panontin
Still Life Still grew up together in Toronto's Danforth and Main area on the city's east side, forming as early as 1999 while the boys were still just, well, boys in junior high school. After plugging along for years, the guys caught the attention of none other than Broken Social Scenester and Arts and Crafts man Kevin Drew, who promptly signed the band to the label's already burgeoning roster. For Drew it must have been a no-brainer since Still Life Still, with their scruffy indie rock sound, are perhaps the most obviously deferential - and derivative - group to emerge in the wake of BSS's epic You Forgot It in People. So it should come as no surprise that their debut LP Girls Come Too sounds like a more youthful, less realized BSS record, with the quirky, almost nervous rhythms, and the grinding guitars of their heroes all over it. That said, there are some subtle touches, like the nearly kooky background synths on the effervescent single 'Pastel', that make Girls Come Too a promising disc


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