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Long Distance Runners

Long Distance Runners - Elements

(independent) - 2015

Michael Panontin
This St. John's six-piece have been kicking around the east coast scene since 2009. Billing themselves as one of the hardest-working bands out there, Long Distance Runners have thus far issued an EP and two full-lengths (including 2012's Tracks), have played with the likes of Wintersleep, Rich Aucoin, the Jim Cuddy Band and the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra to name a few and have had their songs featured on CBC's Republic of Doyle and CBS's Golden Boy.

The band's second full set of music, the 11-track Elements, is perhaps their best yet, a competent collection of sweeping anthems, laconic ballads and straight-up rock that seems to straddle a path somewhere between mid-seventies Bowie or the Stones and their reverential offspring twenty years later in Britain. The retro opener 'The One' and its woozier sibling, the lead single 'You Gotta Remind Me', will no doubt serve as musical wallpaper for many a bar and pub across the Maritimes. But it's the excellent 'High Tide', with its perfectly placed guitars, soaring vocals and sludgy tempo, that will no doubt give fans of Hunky Dory or ...Ziggy Stardust a thrill or two.


     Long Distance Runners

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