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Uaxyacac - Double Seeker EP

Double Seeker EP
Port Vanderlay - 2013

Michael Panontin
Uaxyacac (pronounced Wa-ha-ca) is the electronic project of University of Moncton music grad Nick Smith and the five-song Double Seeker is his first release. The Montreal-based Smith describes the record as "a homemade ode to classic 80's UK synthpop and French/German coldwave", which I suppose is about as apt a description as any. Tracks like the plodding 'Teeth' and the industrial-strength 'In Need of Your Love' touch on all that sulky, gay-friendly electropop that New Order did so well back in the day. Much better, though, are those of a more kosmische bent. The intro to the eight-minute-plus 'Two Stones' hints at the meandering textures of classic Tangerine Dream - something that always warms this heart - while the excellent title track nails things to a tee with its retro synths, spiralling guitar and buried vocal. This is cassette-only and limited to a measly sixty copies, so if you dig that tactile experience (not to mention that nostalgic feeling of digging the munched-up tape out of the deck with a pencil) you had better act fast.



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