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Shame Tree

Shame Tree - Junior Saw It Happen b/w My Little Buttercup - 7

Junior Saw It Happen b/w My Little Buttercup - 7"
Quality - 1969

Michael Panontin
There is not a heck of lot out there in cyberland on Edmonton's Shame Tree. It appears that the group was most probably a five-piece consisting of singer Ed Kilbride, guitarist Al Mix and keyboardist Pete Switzer, with bassist George Kozak and drummer Nick Petruk heading up the rear guard. What we do know for sure is that the lads were one of the many Albertans - along with others like Barry Allen, Wes Dakus and the Rebels, the Happy Feeling and the Gainsborough Gallery - to record down at Norman Petty's famed Clovis, New Mexico studios...on March 26, 1969 to be precise. The topside is a relatively faithful, if somewhat sloppy, rendering of the Steve Miller stormer 'Junior Saw It Happen' off Children of the Future, complete with the sort of hard-driving organ and gruff vocal that might have gotten it spun at a Rebels party or two. Over on the bottom side is the underwhelming 'My Little Buttercup', the band's awkward stab at romance, biker style ("She's a big bad mama / and I'm her favourite son"), with those keyboards bolstering Kilbride's best Jim Morrison yowls. Mintish copies of 'Junior Saw It Happen' have been edging closer to the three hundred dollar range these days.

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