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Texture and Light

Texture and Light - The Hard Problem of Consciousness

The Hard Problem of Consciousness
(independent) - 2013

Michael Panontin
Texture and Light are the brainchild of recovering west coast DJ Trevor Refix. The British Columbia native spent much of the early noughts spinning at raves out in the wilds of the BC interior - Kelowna to be precise - before an epiphany of sorts saw him relocate to Vancouver and then up the coast to tiny, picturesque Powell River, where his music would take a totally new direction. "By 2005 my listening habits were drastically shifting more towards indie and electronic music," he explained. "In the span of about six months, I bought two guitars, a bass, and a microphone. I started buying stomp boxes and researching hardware synths. And I started incorporating these elements into my music and stopped paying so much attention to genre labels and beats per minute."

Texture and Light are listed on their website as a full five-piece band, with fellow locals Clare Mervyn (bass), Kevin Turpin (guitar), Tony Colton (synths) and Lyell Woloschuk (electronic percussion) rounding things out. This first bit of wax, though, the strictly limited (300 copies) LP The Hard Problem of Consciousness is much more of a solo bedroom project, written, recorded and produced by Refix. Much of it seems to cover the same electro territory trod by the likes of Junior Boys or Telefon Tel Aviv a few years back. Songs like the free download 'A Quiet Place' or the lubricous 'Electric Behaviour' are innocuous enough, and will no doubt fill the void at meat markets right across the country. Much better, though, is the dancefloor-ready 'Feelings to the Bone', where it would appear that Refix has tapped into that inner DJ of his, dressing up a sultry bass-heavy beat with quivering vocals and pulsing synths. Nice one.


     Texture and Light

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