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Contradance - Black Preppies EP - 7

Black Preppies EP - 7"
Dancing Note - 1982

Michael Panontin
*This is an edited and abridged version of a review that originally appeared in the University of Windsor newspaper The Lance in 1982.

In a city like Windsor in 1982, where there is no scene and, as our local hero used to sing, no fun, Ken Montague and his quasi-Rasta cronies, Contradance, are attempting to make one - a difficult task in lieu of the log bumps that prefer to stay home and complain on weekends rather than shell out a couple of bucks on some local music. Their four-song EP is a welcome change to the rock-punk of those teen idols of yesteryear, the Dry Heaves and the Spys (though they were fun, too!). 'Black Preppies', the band's trademark anthem, is hook-filled pop, while 'Trouble in the Darkness', on a more serious note, resembles smooth North American reggae (so why fake the accent?). But I suspect that this group's future success and sincerity (these always go hand in hand, don't they?) may depend on their ability to interpret croony apolitical love ballads like 'She's Got an Eyepiece'.

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