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Trespassing Bean Rays

Trespassing Bean Rays - Trespassing Bean Rays EP - 7

Trespassing Bean Rays EP - 7"
Altair Four - 1982

Michael Panontin
As far as the early-eighties dustbin goes, things don't get much more obscure than Ottawa's Trespassing Bean Rays. This hopelessly unknown three-piece seems to have toiled about the national capital region for at least a half-dozen years, bookending their career with this swell seven-inch EP back in 1982 and their only documented Barrymore's gig in February, 1987. Aside from that, there is precious little about the band out there in cyberspace. The trio - Ron Renaud on "vocals and rhythm instruments", Marc Periard on "lead & rhythm instruments" and Rick de Grandmont heading up sundry drums and percussives - meld zipped-up songwriting, strident guitars and some of the more pointed lyrics to come out of Canada at the time. With three of the tracks given over to the sort of guitar-driven pop that scored big for bands like Sniff 'n' the Tears or even the early Go-Betweens and an undulating, minute-long instrumental tacked on at the end, how these guys managed to fall under the indie radar is anyone's guess.

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