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Christine et Ses Copains

Christine et Ses Copains - Mon mini-croulant / Parce que je suis petite - 7

Mon mini-croulant / Parce que je suis petite - 7"
Elysee - 1967

Michael Panontin
The very short-lived Christine et Ses Copains recorded at least three groovy singles on the Elysee label in Quebec before seemingly vanishing into thin air. The Montreal five-piece was fronted by the young Christine Martin, whose delicate pipes recall the ye-ye charms of early France Gall. 'Mon mini-croulant' was the last of the three records and it no doubt filled a few dance floors with its galloping beats and opening primal scream. Over on the flip, the slower 'Parce que je suis petite' falls a bit flat, despite some fine jangly guitar and a more robust vocal performance from our young star. As it turned out, 1967 was quite a busy year for Christine and the gang, with the band managing to score a slot at one of the popular Starovan concerts in Montreal's old Centre Paul-Sauve in the city's east end, a series of all-day francophone affairs that featured hopelessly obscure acts like Les Sultans, Les Atomes and Les Faucons. Cool.

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