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Vital Sines

Vital Sines - Subway Suicide + 2 - 7

Subway Suicide + 2 - 7" EP
M.O.D. - 1981

Michael Panontin
Not long after forming in Toronto in 1980, Vital Sines were bitten by the D.I.Y. bug, releasing this three-song seven-inch sometime the following year. But this was hardly the band we would later come to know while flicking our hair and earnestly swaying to their lugubrious dancefloor filler 'Collage' several years later. 'Subway Suicide' is a rather amateurish affair, sporting some quirky post-punk that starts off intensely enough, but at nearly 5 minutes in length must have seemed interminable at the time. The funkier 'Sex and Babies' is more of the same, hopped-up, pogo-friendly, and topical to boot, cautioning all those new wavers not to forget to wear that glove ("Sex and babies / Make my nerves freeze / When you see her belly rise / Buddy, you're in for a big surprise tonight"). Only the derivative reggae ska of 'Erik the Generik' disappoints here.

The band at the time purportedly performed a series of low-profile gigs as Tryfono & the Heat Resistant Sheep, all the while honing their licks (and presumably growing their bangs) for their re-emergence as Toronto's premier Goth wavers. With the addition of (future Garbagemen, Plastercine Replicas, Blue Rodeo etc.) drummer Glen Milchem, the line-up was complete, and it was just a matter of time before Vital Sines were fixtures on local CFNY-FM and at clubs like Nuts and Bolts, Domino and the Diamond Club.

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