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The Connoisseurs of Porn

The Connoisseurs of Porn - The Peasant Terror / Chicken - 7

The Peasant Terror / Chicken - 7"
Buzz - 2010

Michael Panontin
The Connoisseurs of Porn bill themselves as noise rock, and those punters looking to have their fillings rattled can rest assured that the lads here most definitely live up to their end of the bargain. The Toronto trio formed in the city's west end sometime in 2009 and on their debut vinyl - released in the waning months of 2010 - they offer up just under four minutes of earth-shattering sonic sludge that nicely checks the raunchier elements of MC5 and Sonic Youth, and adds a touch of early Pere Ubu eccentricity just for good measure. 'The Peasant Terror''s caustic guitars disinter the decaying skeletons of the old Grande Ballroom, while the freakier funk of 'Chicken' over on the flip might even make Steve Albini blush a bit. There's a free digital EP to follow, so keep the ear-plugs handy.

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