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ANAMAI cassette EP
Buzz - 2013

Michael Panontin
You might know Anna Mayberry as part of Toronto noisemakers (and Buzz labelmates) HSY, but that would hardly prepare you for this three-song cassette EP. Under the shortened name ANAMAI, Mayberry seems to have eschewed the tried-and-true clobber-'em-with-volume approach of her regular band, opting instead for a more ethereal mix of lo-fi folk, ghostly vocals and a trippy backdrop of seemingly random noodling. "With HSY, it's all about filling in space, building noise to an extreme until you can let go," she told Chart Attack just prior to the tape's release. "ANAMAI is also about the atmosphere, but it's about leaving space, letting it rest and breathe." That space is mostly surrounded by dreamy, almost otherworldly psychedelia, some of it unsettling at times. The a-side, 'Altar Coals', is gilt with wistful guitar and Mayberry's fragile singing. There are hints here and there of her musical past, a childhood steeped in traditional Irish, English and Appalachian music. But even on those tracks, like the stoner folk of 'Black Crow' or the almost listless 'Mute Flames', the eerie vibe is more haunted house than country home.



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