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Bella Clava

Bella Clava - The Craic: An Ephemeral Record EP

The Craic: An Ephemeral Record EP
(independent) - 2010

Michael Panontin
Bella Clava's claim that U.S. Highway 61, the blues highway, "starts in New Orleans and ends in Thunder Bay (Ontario)", may be stretching the truth somewhat, but only just. The highway technically ends a few hundred kilometres south around Wyoming, Minnesota, but the northern Ontario four-piece seems to have soaked up some of that southern influence, belting out a blues-rock stew that seems closer to the muddy Mississippi than to the icy shores of Lake Superior. For their second EP, the six-song The Craic: An Ephemeral Record, the band summoned the help of Steve Albini, with the result a ballsy mix of classic seventies boogie ('Live'), murky swamp rock ('Surf's Down') and straight-up heavy rock ('I Forgot My Mantra'). Caitlin Dacey's lusty pipes - and on the excellent 'So Simple', her cool organ licks - seem to hold the whole show together. With the band now Toronto-based, it shouldn't take long for the industry types to come knocking.


     Bella Clava

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