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Fear - Wildwoodin' / Ace - 7

Wildwoodin' / Ace - 7"
Concept - 1971

Michael Panontin
This stormer of a seven-inch dropped off the radar years ago, with barely a mention of it anywhere out in cyberland. What gives? The Concept label was run by former Trend honcho Merv Buchanan after he had relocated from Toronto to the west coast. The a-side here - really just a rendition of Nazz's 'Wildwood Blues' - sounds as if it could have come from 1968 or so, but the MAPL logo places it from 1971 at the earliest. 'Wildwoodin' has garage stamped all over it, belting out cocky vocals and runaway guitar solos all muffled in a cavernous basement echo. Cool. Over on the flip side, the instrumental 'Ace' is amateurish, though alas not gloriously so, coming off as more of a throwaway backing track that seems a bit lost without its vocal. Buchanan reckons that there were probably about 250 copies of 'Wildwoodin'' pressed up, which would make this record devilishly hard to find. What's more, a YouTube upload (since removed) merely added to the mystique with the following post: "I literally found this laying (sic) on the ground beside a big dumpster". Crate-diggers the world over will salivate over that one, for sure.

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