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Mashmakhan - As the Years Go By / Days When We Are Free - 7

As the Years Go By / Days When We Are Free - 7"
Columbia - 1970

Michael Panontin
As the Triangle, Pierre Senecal, Rayburn Blake and Jerry Mercer played back-up to future gospel leader Trevor Payne until they were discovered by producer Bob Hahn, who whisked the boys from their native Montreal up the St. Lawrence to record at the Columbia Canada studios in Toronto. With former-drummer Brian Edwards rejoining the band, the four dug up their hippie roots, and as the groovier-sounding Mashmakhan recorded perhaps the finest double-sider in Canadian history. With its prancing organ and pseudo-philosophical musings on love and life, 'As the Years Go By' became an instant hit, selling 100,000 copies up here in Canada, nearly half a million south of the border, and even more in Japan, earning them that "big in Japan" reputation long before all those Budokan bangers of the later seventies. Flip the record over and you get what is easily the band's best song ever. 'Days When We Are Free' is six minutes of pure free-form rock, blissfully capturing that post-Woodstock festival-rock era just before the rock world would succumb to the bloated trappings of prog. Mashmakhan would have no other hits, and after a couple of LPs, the self-titled debut, where these songs appeared, and the less-successful follow-up The Family, the band split, leaving it to the AM oldies stations to keep the flame alight for more than forty years.

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