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Chad Allan and the Reflections

Chad Allan and the Reflections - Tribute to Buddy Holly / Back and Forth -  7

Tribute to Buddy Holly / Back and Forth - 7"
Canadian American - 1962

Michael Panontin
As the Silvertones, and then as Al and the Silvertones, singer-guitarist Chad Allan had assembled an early rock and roll band that included fellow Winnipeggers Randy Bachman, Jim Kale, Gary Peterson and Bob Ashley, essentially (minus Ashley) a teenaged nucleus that would one day become the Guess Who. By 1962, with the focus more on Allan as leader, and their name changed to the more egocentric Chad Allan and the Reflections, the band released this debut seven-inch, a version of Mike Berry and the Outlaws' Joe Meek-produced 'Tribute to Buddy Holly', a cuddly eulogy to their fallen idol that manages to mix Ricky Nelson's croons, Mr. Holly's nervous Stratocaster licks and Elvis' macho posturing into one fine piece of wax. The instrumental 'Back and Forth' is a bit of a toss-off, with the sole exception of a nifty 12-second guitar lick, which (I'm guessing) is the 19-year-old Bachman's first axe-wielding claim to fame.

Other singles would follow on the Quality label without much ado, but it was not until 1965, as Chad Allan and the Expressions, that the lads struck gold - on both sides of the 49th - with their version of Johnny Kidd's epochal rocker 'Shakin' All Over'. Though of course in an attempt to dupe deejays into thinking that four cute Liverpudlians might have been responsible for this, Quality Records mailed out a limited number of promo copies with the words "Guess Who?" listed where the band's name should have been, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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