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Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch EP - 7

Which Witch EP - 7"
Mint - 2018

Michael Panontin
Allie Handon makes her home in Los Angeles these days. But what better place to make a bedroom recording than in your old bedroom at your parents' house. This swell EP - specially released for Record Store Day 2018 - was recorded in just four days on the very same dust-covered equipment that she left in Ottawa before emigrating to the US back in 2013. "I really benefited from being in the specific home, and even room, where I learned to play music when I was growing up," she writes.

Handon handles all instruments here, so it should come as little surprise that the six songs on Which Witch all sport the sort of blithe pop sensibilities of past Peach Kelli Pop records. If anything, there is a calmer element coursing through much of the disc, especially on the finely crafted 'Crooked', a near-perfect ditty that melds all the best elements of west coast punk, cuddlecore and sixties girl groups. 'Drug Store's Symbol of Happiness' is more of the same and actually dredges up some of the sweeter moments of Adventures in Stereo, long a favourite on my turntable. But for those looking for the punchier pop that Peach Kelli Pop does best, the wonderful 'Los Angeles' is 1' 18" of pure indie bliss.

(Which Witch is limited to just 500 copies and comes in a couple of different colours, "summer sun yellow" and "candy red swirl". Mint will also be giving Peach Kelli Pop the full-on treatment when they release their Gentle Leader LP on May 25.)


     Peach Kelli Pop

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