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Essaie Pas

Essaie Pas - Futur Parle

Futur Parle
DFA - 2017

Michael Panontin
Essaie Pas' first missive since their excellent Demain Est un Autre Nuit (2016) is a video project that raises the minimal synth genre to dizzying new heights. On 'Futur parle', the Montreal husband/wife duo of Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau have teamed up with director Christophe Royal King and the results are amazingly intense, and quite possibly the best thing the pair have done so far.

The nearly seven-minute piece is based on the 1977 sci-fi novel A Scanner Darkly, Phillip Dick's dystopian portrayal of drugs and paranoia in Orange County, California. On Essaie Pas' Bandcamp page, King talks of the "blurred lines of reality and the perception of what is 'real'." He goes on to add that "[this] has created this frenetic, almost post-apocalyptic landscape and I wanted to attempt to create a narrative and world that attempts to capture the paranoia of trying to function and survive in such an environment."

As a piece of music, 'Futur parle' is not nearly as bleak as King suggests. But it does make for a rather harrowing ride, melding spoken word snippets onto a surprising club-friendly backdrop of loping synths and bouncy beats. Dropped into a late-night deejay set, the track would no doubt make for a swell hip-wag, but for the full effect, pull up a chair and take in the video. It's a damn fine audio/visual experience.

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