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Someone - Le Magicien / Selon le Bible - 7

Le Magicien / Selon le Bible - 7"
Canuma - 1970

Michael Panontin
Someone issued two impossibly rare singles around the turn of the decade, 1969's 'Chante et danse avec moi' b/w 'Il est encore temps' on Visa and this one the following year on the Canama imprint, which aside from being rather cool in themselves mark the first sides by Quebec singer/songwriter Gilles Valiquette. In addition to Valiquette, who was barely eighteen years old at the time, the Montreal trio also included bass player David Poirier and drummer Norman Langlois. Both 'Le magician' and its backside 'Selon la bible' were penned by Valiquette and produced by Michel Cordy. But as Langlois would later write in a post on YouTube, the band were less than satisfied with the original production and had Cordy remix both songs and reissue them as a new single, this time with a more vivid blue, yellow and red Canama label (pictured).

According to Leo Roy in his super-informative La merveilleuse epoch des groups Quebecoise des annees 60, in a May 9, 1970 article in the weekly magazine Photo Vedettes, there is even mention of the group looking to sign with Fantasy in the U.S., though it seems nothing ever became of this and the boys were basically finished by the end of the year. Valiquette of course went on to release a number of LPs up in Quebec, including one in English, And Now Valiquette (Extra), allegedly recorded as Someone in 1971 and released without his permission in 1975.

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