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Not You

Not You - Misty EP

Misty EP
Fundog - 2017

Michael Panontin
The four women behind the band Not You bill their sound - half cheekily, one assumes - as 'slippergaze', which judging from their debut EP is a rough amalgam of nineties alt-rock and shoegaze, with a bit of grunge thrown in for good measure. The one-sheet namechecks the Wipers, Abba and "high school guilty pleasure music", whatever that may be. But I suspect that anyone looking to divine some sort of reference need look no further than the members' rather impressive East Coast pedigrees, especially that of guitarist/vocalist Nancy Urich, whose resume includes indie stalwarts like Dog Day and the Burdocks.

The six-track Misty EP splices together two seemingly incongruous worlds: one of gritty distortion-heavy guitar rock and a much more feminized one of echoic three-part harmonies and catchy girl group motifs. A few songs, the lead single 'haha' for one, tend toward the formulaic, which I suppose is just what the indie kids are looking for. But to these hoary old ears, things get much more interesting when the ladies concentrate more on the 'slipper' part of the equation, as on the woozy, shoegazy 'Soup' or the superb 'LL', an effortlessly cool ride where lithe vocals glide atop blasts of careening guitars. Nice one.


     Not You

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