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The Soul Motivators

The Soul Motivators - Dirt on the Floor EP

Dirt on the Floor EP
Do Right! - 2015

Michael Panontin
One thing is certain. The Soul Motivators can definitely count themselves lucky to have the hugely blessed chanteuse, Lydia Persaud, fronting things for them. Persaud is swiftly proving herself to be a soul shouter par excellence, especially on the band's excellent debut long-player Free to Believe. That said, the remaining members are no slouches themselves, picking up the slack quite handily on this nifty little instrumental EP. The five-song Dirt on the Floor, a teaser issued just a couple of months prior to Free to Believe, finds the lads in fine form as a jazz-funk octet belting out sultry ethio-jazz ('Tito's Revenge'), scorching proto-funk ('Razorblade') and even some ace Bahamian-tinged grooves ('Aftermath') that nod to the long-forgotten Beginning of the End's 'Funky Nassau'. Dirt on the Floor is available as a free download, so this is about as win-win as it gets.


     The Soul Motivators
     Do Right!

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