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Vogue Dots

Vogue Dots - Mauka EP

Mauka EP
Indica - 2014

Michael Panontin
Babette Hayward and Tynan Dunfield spend their working days as sound technicians, so the plush electro sounds on their two EPs as Vogue Dots should hardly come as a shock. But what may surprise you is that the twenty-something New Brunswick natives (who now call Halifax home) have been at it for barely a year and they have already rifled off a couple of EPs. The seeds of their prolific partnership actually started to germinate during a spell out a Babette's parents' cottage in the picturesque Belleisle Bay area just to the north of Saint John, NB. "We were sort-of friends, but we were still sort of new to one another," the two explained on the Noisey site. "We stayed at the cottage in Belleisle, and we were kind-of getting to know each other at that time too. As we started to complete songs, it painted this picture."

That canvas of sorts - in this case, the four-song Mauka EP and its sibling effort Toska, released just five months prior - is tinted with decidedly darker, more sombre hues. This is especially so on Mauka's lead-off track, 'Way with Silence', as well as the near-somnambulant 'Tux', where Hayward's vocal assumes a lazy, almost detached tone. The club-friendly 'Way Out' is much better, with messier, industrial beats that seem almost designed to blow a tweeter or two. Not exactly earth-shattering, but certainly worth a listen.


     Vogue Dots

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