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The Filthy Politicians

The Filthy Politicians - Modern Man

Modern Man
(independent) - 2014

Tom Matthew
I get sent a lot of submissions from musicians that want me review their work, and nothing in my inbox has come close to matching the honesty, intensity, and clear vision of the Filthy Politicians' Modern Man. In his bio sheet, Dan Peters writes, "Beyond the shallow, token analysis and solutions offered up by the ones that continue to benefit from the destruction of our Mother Earth, the Filthy Politicians set out to take a deep look at an extreme situation and urge those with more human than machine left inside to respond accordingly - at the risk of being labeled extreme ourselves."

The Filthy Politicians sound somewhat like Eminem, if Eminem rapped about things that actually matter. On his first full-length recording, Peters takes conscious hip-hop to the next level with this cleverly worded indictment of modern life and culture. Some of the subjects he tackles are the destruction of our planet, the commercialization of our culture, the corrupt nature of politics, domestic violence, and cultural programming. He doesn't just offer criticism, he also offers solutions. There are no fluff tracks on here - it is an intense lyrical assault from front to back.


     The Filthy Politicians

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