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Bombers - Bombers 2

Bombers 2
Telson - 1979

Michael Panontin
Bombers' first album may have been the better of their two LPs, especially for component stereo heads back in the day who hankered for silky synths and fatback grooves to show off those thousand-dollar Klipsch speakers. But by 1979, Montreal producers George Lagios and Pat Deserio no doubt had their eyes on the more lucrative international disco market. With disco at its commercial peak, hicks the world over crowded into clubs with their heads no doubt filled with illusions of Tony Manero and Studio 54, and with their crotches probably stuffed with...well, you get the idea. It was in such a time that the pair issued the massively successful twelve-inch single 'Everybody Get Dancin' '. That track's similarity to Chic's 'Everybody Dance' probably did it no harm - the workmanlike rhythm and those subtle guitar licks were Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards to a tee. It was ultimately issued south of the border, throughout Europe and in faraway markets like Japan, Brazil and Greece - twenty-five different pressings in all!

Apart from that excellent single, the bulk of Bombers 2 is given over to club-ready dance tracks that flaunt a driving 4/4 beat and swirling synths. Nothing quite matches the sheer virtuosity of 'Everybody Get Dancin' ', especially Mack (BC) Jones, a.k.a. future Talking Head Buster (Cherry) Jones' relentless bass riff, Jimmy Tanaka and Terry Martel's percussive effects and Tamara Lorincz's sultry vocals. But the Lagios/Deserio production is stellar as usual, so even more pedestrian tracks like the spacy 'Pistolero' and the more robotic funk of 'Shake' still sound fresh. This is one that is definitely worth digging up.

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