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Bombers - Bombers

Telson - 1978

Michael Panontin
Two of Montreal's better-known producers in the seventies, George Lagios and Pat Deserio, were behind the disco-funk studio band Bombers. Both were veterans of that city's thriving pop/disco scene, with Lagios having produced a number of records for Michel Pagliaro, including his top-10 hit 'Lovin' You Ain't Easy', and Deserio having virtually invented cosmic disco with his Kebekelektrik project. Bombers' first single in 1978 was a faithful, twelve-minute-plus rendition of Babe Ruth's cracking dance rock number 'The Mexican' (which can probably chock up much of its success to sales in the Montreal area). A slightly pared-down version was included on this five-track LP, along with others like the Bowie(circa Young Americans)-influenced 'Main Man' and the synth-laden jungle grooves of the sweltering 'Dance, Dance, Dance'. With much of the hinterlands fawning over John Travolta's on-screen dance moves the previous year in Saturday Night Fever, the album sold well enough for it to be issued as far away as France, Italy, Germany and Sweden. What's more, with a cast of contributors including the likes of Nanette Workman, Gino Soccio and future Talking Heads bassist Buster (Cherry) Jones, Bombers makes for a tantalizing listen even after all these years.

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