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Evolution Expantion

Evolution Expantion - Blow Up / Blues Finding - 7

Blow Up / Blues Finding - 7"
Trans-World - 1968

Michael Panontin
The orthographically challenged Evolution Expantion unleashed this devilishly rare seven-inch on Art Young's hip Montreal-based Trans-World label, home to local faves the Haunted and the Rabble, sometime in 1968. The r'n'b-laced a-side is definitely the better of the two tracks here. 'Blow Up' is a grinding rocker that gives more than a nod or two across the pond to bands like the Yardbirds and the Pretty Things, while the heftier 'Blues Finding' over on the backside, with its generous helpings of electrified guitar riffs, looks farther ahead to the early-seventies and the swagger of those blues-rock-fuelled years. Though neither side is what you might call stellar, the record was allegedly pressed up in quantities so low that thus far only five copies are known to have survived. One of those in near-mint condition sold in the summer of 2013 for a princely $US698.

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