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The Media

The Media - Girl, I Want You / Endless Dream - 7

Girl, I Want You / Endless Dream - 7"
HMS - 1967

Michael Panontin
A mint copy of this insanely obscure psych nugget would probably set you back a few thousand bucks if you managed to track one down. What little is known about the record comes from a YouTube post by guitarist Ted Kyte, "We cut that single in 1967 in Calgary. I co-wrote the words and I wrote the music for 'Endless Dream', and played guitar and sang backup on both sides." Rounding out the crew were Rick Buckthorpe on drums and lead vocals, and a rhythm section of Dave Nobes and Drew Mowbray handling bass and keyboards, respectively. Kyte's little contribution to world psychedelia is a gem, taking some revved up guitar and organ and then asking the young ladies to "close your eyes and dream / what would it be like now / if love was an endless dream?" Over on the top side is the even more interesting 'Girl, I Want You', co-written by the other three band members. That one kicks off with an almost somnambulant organ riff, but that sleepy intro is then ripped wide open into a full-blown freak-out. How the good folks at Nuggets and Pebbles missed this one is anyone's guess.

('Girl I Want You' found its way onto the 2007 Wyld Canada Volume 2 CD, while 'Endless Dream' showed up that same year on Volume 3.)

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